sagging of the speedy 25??

  1. :confused1: i keep seeing people talk about the sagging of the speedys....i definatly want a speedy 25......

    so what does the sagging mean and does it look TERRIBLE?? or is there something u can get for the bottom so it doesnt sag??
  2. You can put a cardboard at the bottom or use a purseket. The sagging of a speedy 25 is less obvious than a 30.
  3. I have the 30 and the purseket workes great (but I kind of like a little sagging)
  4. I have purseket in my 25 and it keeps the shape perfectly. I also put a piece of cardboard in the bottom (just something I cut off an old pad of paper) and it seems to be working nicely!
  5. I have a 25,that is a year old,and it sags abit. I just put a TEEN VOGUE in the bottom to help its sagging. I like the way how it sags JUST a bit =D
  6. mine sags but it doesn't bother me. I don't exactly carry a brick around either.
  7. I love the sagging look on my speedy. I didn't think I would, but I really do like it.
  8. u all rock!! thanks so much for all the helps!!!
  9. I took Michelle's suggestion and use my elux catalog at the bottom of mine! It works GREAT!
  10. The sagging on the 25 is not bad at all if you keep a cardboard at the bottom. The 30 sags a lot more. The 25 will still be a bit flat on the upper sides unless you have it completely stuffed. I love my 25!
  11. I think the sagging is what makes the Speedy look so great. It's a comfy shape :smile:
  12. just fill it! there's no sagging if you do
  13. I think the sagging looks fine but if you don't like it, just use a cardboard.
  14. I happened to notice my Speedy 25 sag today at a store and it's not that bad at all. I think the sag is more obvious with the 30.
  15. I have the 25, and I love the slight sag. I tried the 30 before I bought the 25 and I didn't like the sag at all. Even with a cardboard I think it looks so much like a doctor's bag. I like the 35 though........