Sagging of damier speedy

  1. I guess a lot of you have damier speedys already and i would just like to know if its the damier is more prone to sagging than the mono one. I plan to buy a speedy and i believe that the damier is more of an all-weather bag than the mono but i've read the thread on the damier being made of thinner canvas and it makes me think that it may be more prone to sagging then.
  2. Same sag, maybe a bit less than the mono.
  3. A little sag, but even a thin sheet of cardboard helps it. But the sides do sag a bit but all monos and damiers do.
  4. i love sagging speedies
  5. I like the look of a saggy Speedy, but it's harder to find things in! I solved the problem by (you'll love this) going to a dollar store and finding a clear plastic shoebox that fits inside the bag--it works so well I don't know why I didn't think of it before.

    But that didn't really answer your question, did it? *sigh*
  6. Actually...that's 1 of the reasons I returned mine. I thought it sagged a lil more than my speedy mono...but I need to point out..that wasn't the "main" reason for returning...I thought the color print of the damier was just TOO dark for me, and too dressy for me I had a few issues as you can see.

    If I had liked everything about the bag, the look etc. and say the "sag" was all that bugged me...I probably would have kept it. It is a very nice bag! Just not me.

    Good Luck on whatever you decide.;)
  7. it's all about the sag, baby :graucho:

    i just got my :heart:Damier 30 and it hasn't been on it's maiden voyage yet but i might construct something to support the bottom a bit - perhaps some plastic needlepoint canvas sheathed in a fabric sleeve for a custom bottom. hey - that might make an interesting biz idea for those who hate saggy bottoms! :roflmfao:
  8. Thanks a lot for your replies and tips. The pic sent by LV addict certainly helped me visualize the sagginess of the damier. Hmmm...makes me wonder if I'll get a damier speedy since I tend to pack a lot of stuff into my bag but the damier's really delicious-looking !
    I digress--- but I checked and clicked on French and the prices are about USD100 less than the US prices !
  9. maybe because i carry a bit more than usual people, mine has yet to sag. it's not overly heavy, but with the pochette in there and my planner, it seems to keep the bag upright and sags less.