Sagging MC speedy vs. cardboard on bottom

  1. I put a cardboard on my MC speedy, but it doesn't look as authenticate as the saggy MC speedies. I guess the people that are pictured with the MC speedy always have theirs without the cardboards. What do you guys think? I'll post a picture soon
  2. I don't like the look with cardboard on the bottom. I use a purseket. It helps eliminate some of the sag, but not too much. Do a search on "purseket" and you'll find a ton of info about them.
  3. For me, I don't mind the sag, but the MC Speedy doesn't really have that much anyway because of the brass corners. Especially if you have it pretty full.
  4. This is what use. I love the purseket!
  5. I prefer the speedies with a little sag i don't like when the bottom is too flat and structured because speedies are not a structured style. My bags are usually full so i don't have that much sag.
  6. I don't like when my speedy sags. but with the MC I don't notice much sag, just with the mono/damier speedies. also the MC speedy is heavy as it is, I would not want to place more in it than I have to.
  7. I like the sagging of a speedy...
  8. I've heard of something that you can buy and put in the bottom of the bag that helps it keep the shape. It's not a purseket and it's not a cardboard panel, but it's kind of the same idea as the cardboard, just nicer. I wish I could remember what it was! :push: Maybe someone else can help me out? I keep thinking you can get them from eBay or something.
  9. the sag adds character to the bag, IMO it wouldnt be a speedy if it didnt sag.
  10. There's a lady on eBay who makes base shapers (and stuffer pillows!) for speedies.

    Maybe this is the one you're thinking of?

    I only have an Epi Speedy and it doesn't sag very much (only the very slightest bowing is noticeable, but I keep it kind of full in hopes of preventing wrinkles in the leather).
  11. Yes that's them! Thanks so much! :smile:
  12. i don't like the way speedys look when they sag
  13. I personally love the sag!