Sagging Bag Bottom Solution?

  1. I've not had to deal with this, because my Speedy is always stuffed, however, I've been reading about what a lot of people use to stiffen up the bottoms of their bags. I've sewn a number of purses and the best and lightest base material I have used is found in the quilting section of the fabric store. It is called "heavy duty template plastic." It is sold in a sheet and can be cut with scissors, is super-light and holds up the bottom of bags very, very well. You can even sew a fabric sleeve to wrap around it, or leave it like it is. Don't know if this would help anyone, but never read anywhere about people using this material.
  2. Thanks for the tip. I'm sure PF'ers will be storming the craft departments soon.
  3. Thanks for the tip!! I'll have to check it out!
  4. cut a us weekly ( or whatever you have sitting around) to fit, then cover it with material... :smile: even cheaper.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] all done!!
  5. Great tip! Probably less expensive than what the eBay vendors are charging.
  6. Here is a great cheap tip I learned here. Take an empty DVD case open it up and lay it flat on the bottom. Fits a Speedy 30 perfect.