Sagginess of Speedy 30 with and without purseket/cardboard - pics?


Dec 15, 2006
Sorry for all the annoying threads! I did a board search and I couldn't find anything, so....please don't bite :shame:

In any case, I'm wondering if those who own a Speedy 30 and who use a purseket or any other 'support' (i.e.: cardboard) can post a pic of how their bag looks like with and WITHOUT the supporting structures.

Thank you :heart:
I'm sure that is a Red Purseket inside her Speedy..
Here is a pic of my Purseket in a Speedy 25. I love how it looks inside my purse now. :yes:


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I thought the purseket gave my bag a funny shape, so I took it out and just put a piece of thin cardboard in the bottom. I have a speedy 30 and bought the medium purseket first, which was too small. I bought a large one which overlaps a bit, but is much better than the medium for a speedy 30.
I have found a solution for the sagging speedy. It call the Base Shapper.
You can find it on Ebay under Base Shapper. It's made in leather-like material.
Hope this information is helpfull.
I love pursekets!!! I don't like anything on the bottom because it makes it too square looking or something. The purseket takes away sag, but still leaves the right amount. I can't live without one...even have it in my neo cabby MM.