Sage Stamped Kiss and Makeup Bag

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  1. I couldn't wait any longer, what with reading Vlad and Meg's excellent interview and getting the inside scoop on the upcoming RM line and loving my own RM MAMs to death - I'm sure there was an unused Bluefly code out there somewhere, but hey, they already give a good discount... I've been looking at this for two days now, and finally ... down to the last one! I got the last one! Now if RM will JUST hurry up and get my hobo straps to me so I can comfortably carry (and photograph!) my two MAMs - I got the black/blue stamped MAM today and she is lovely.... The leather is TDF. The details on these bags just seriously kill me.

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  2. ^Hehe, I was seriously tempted to buy that! Im trying to downsize, so I had to resist! Its seriously gorgeous though; you seem to buy all the stuff I want to buy, LOL!
  3. That is stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. GUNG, GMTA! I did back off the dusty blue/wicker/weave whatever on the bay, though - too pale for me. The seller was very kind to let me withdraw my bid - she understood completely about the lighter-than-expected shade, not what I was wanting...
  5. OMG! OMG! You posted in my thread! OMG! Is this like getting an autograph? OMG OMG OMG!!!:nuts:

  6. hands down~ the stamp is by far my favorite!

    here is a pic just to tease u! :graucho:

  7. This bag makes me salivate every time i look at it!!!
  8. I love the bag and the clutch! Now, Im kicking myself for not buying them! They are so uniquely gorgeous!
  9. They look so perfect together! I have the same kiss and makeup bag and it's so to die for.
  10. I am loving that style!! I just might get one myself....oh lord...:sweatdrop:
  11. Aww, your pics always make me so jealous! :girlsigh:
  12. Congrats! Mine will be here in 2 days! I love it too
  13. thanks Cayce :P i'm glad to be an enabler :lol: