Sage Stamp in the MAM??? Make My Day!

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  1. Just received the Sage Stamp in the MAB. Gorgeous, Fabulous, Amazing, Jaw-dropping BEAUTIFUL but...HUGE! I have two MAMs and had never seen IRL the MAB. The dimensions are not that much larger but the volume is definitely apparent. And the thing is I hardly fill my MAM. So I have heard that the bag looks great even when lightly filled but I just don't know. I am torn because she is a beauty so I may have to grin and bear it. But before I commit to carrying her I would like to know if the Sage Stamp was ever available in the mini size? Please respond quickly 'cause I am dying to carry her and I might cave!!!
  2. hi and congrats on your new purchase!

    i just got the sage stamp MAB as well and I LOVE IT!! it is such a beautful bag~ and i can't stop staring lovingly at it~

    i think it did come in MAM previously as i've seen others post it~ but right now the only place for a sage stamp is the RM website and it only comes in MAB~ if your lucky it pop up on ebay one day but i have waited for 2 months for this day and it never happened! so i caved in for the MAB!
  3. i think the MAB is a lovely sized bag even if it is empty. because of the soft smooshy leather, is should slouch very nicely under your shoulder.