Sage Mahala back up on

  1. There must have been quite a few returns for as often as this bag keeps appearing back in stock.

    I hope someone here got one if they missed the after Christmas sale!:tup:
  2. I just checked and it's gone again!
  3. darn - I always miss the good deals :sad:
  4. I missed it again also!
  5. What was the retail, it doesn't show prices?
  6. I think it was retailing for $959. It was a better deal on Christmas Eve for about $700.
  7. I actually ordered it this morning @ 6:50 am, go my confirmation, but by noon they had canceled it :cursing:
  8. It's available again. Retail was $1975, current price is $986.90. Sale price at Christmas was $690!
  9. WOW! That is a huge difference! :wtf:

    I know, leave it to me to state the obvious! ;)
  10. still there, hurry...
  11. I just SCORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:::wlae::yahoo:

    thanks to a wonderful tPF member - I actually got a sale item!!
    Whoo hoo!
  12. glad someone got it! very good deal.
  13. Thank you :smile:
    I was only able to get it, because of a great tPF member helped me.:girlsigh:
    she is the :queen:
  14. Congratulations! If you ordered yesterday you may be able to get a price adjustment today because I saw the new sale price this morning is $740. They normally don't do adjustments but sometimes they do.