Sage Liquid Patent Mahala – 690?sales price.

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I was telling my workout buddies how I was able to score from Saks on line a sage Mahala at 987.00 plus tax and one of the gal mentions – how her friend bought one for the same one Saks for $690.00.

    Is that right?
    What price did you guy score yours for? If in fact it did go lower do you think they would do a price adjustment?

    Thank you so much for your thoughts.
  2. I got it for the $690 but that was because I ordered at midnight when they were having the extra % off at christmas eve/day. I believe it was lower and then they brought up the price. I have had no luch with prive adjustments, so I can't help there. Good luck.
  3. I tried ordering on Christmas Eve and my order didn't process so I lost out. Last week I saw one online for $989 and asked the live chat to price match the Christmas Eve price and they said no. Yesterday I was able to get one from Saks NY for $769. They aren't charging me sales tax due to shipping it to me so it about evens out since online charges. I haven't had any luck with price adjustments from Saks. Good luck!
  4. thanks for your thoughts - Starbuxxx, how did you find it for 769?
  5. Saks store just did another markdown that started on Thursday. I kept calling stores looking for it with no success and then started having Live Chat on check their stores for me. Yesterday I finally got lucky and they told me NY had one. I had to be persistent and just got lucky. NY said it was a return and I'm sure they'll get some more within the next few weeks.

    Did you get yours at the store or online? If you know an SA they may be able to do a price adjustment for you. It's worth a try.
  6. thank you so much for your thoughts:tup:
    I bought it online and its over 1K with tax and all.
    any suggestion?
  7. thank you - STARBUXX
  8. Good luck with the price adjustment!