Sage green bottegas? Anyone have some good pics?

  1. I'm thinking of the large veneta in this color and would love to see real life pics of any style, if anyone has any...

  2. Is this the color you mean? When I asked BV to send me a pic of a Campana in the Regent green color, they emailed me this...

    And in recent weeks, Bluefly has had this Roma available in what looks like the same color...

    (But incidentally, the BV online catalogue says this is Regent, which looks pretty different to me :confused1::confused1::confused1: ...)
    Campana in Regent from BV.jpg
  3. Nice shade of green :nuts:
  4. Wow, the Campana looks really good in this green.
  5. I tried on the campana in regent at the boutique the other day. I think the colour is closer to the online catalogue, just slightly lighter and softer. I do love the colour in the first pic too, maybe it's the lighting??
  6. yes, the first pic doesn't correspond with everything else I've seen (I think the BF pic is a little off too.) Anyway, I color-corrected the BG photo, as the background seemed bizarrely pink. I think this is closer:
    Campana in Regent from BV.jpg
  7. ^From what I recall from when I saw this color in the boutique, I think the color corrected photo is the closest.
  8. yay, that's good news for me, tibu. I have it in the large hobo on its way to me. Will post pics when I get it. Here was another pic from pf, that helped me in the color correcting:
  9. So Regent is sort of a muted lime green/bright sage? Looks like the color of guacamole, lol. I can't wait to see your new bag, cuteusername! I love green. :tup:

    Last month, I purchased this BV deerskin hobo in Azzardo. BV told me at the time that the Regent color on the nappa bags was going to be similar to the Azzardo color on the deerskin bags. But the colors aren't that similar, are they?

  10. There is one up on eBay at the moment from a reputable seller. Here is a pic of the large veneta.
    large veneta.jpg
  11. ^^^^^^^ Ooooooooooooooooo, *Cosmo falls off chair.* Very pretty color. Thanks for posting, Syma.

  12. that's actually my seller and my same bag!!!! isn't it gorgeous?!
    Cosmo, I LOVE the azzardo as well. If I didn't have pine balenciaga, I'd be looking at that color. The dept. store pics were very off in their depiction of azzardo as well, weren't they?
  13. OMG, that is gorgeous, cuteusername. :yes: I can't wait to see your IRL pics of the bag in different lighting.

    I can tell you from personal experience that it is very difficult to get these green bags to represent accurately in photographs. The pic of my Azzardo above is close, but not really dead-on, and the color changes quite dramatically under different lighting.
  14. Many Congrats Cuteusername I know of this seller from the balenciaga forum and she sells authentic bags. Enjoy you new BV and do post some modelling pics too!
  15. here's another pic from the auction, and there's a third that appears to be yet another shade! You're right - it's so hard to photograph the greens. I'm a green freak, so I know! I will try to get an accurate pic once it comes. Yay, my very first BV bag ever.