Sage Chanel Collectors question?

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  1. Since our economic situation is being hailed as the most threatening since the depression what do you think Chanel will do with their CLASSIC purse line regarding pricing? Freeze the current amount and hold current status till this ugliness evaporates? Or reduce pricing (if they are heavy on inventory), and only invite the loyal customer for selection? Have you EVER seen Classics go on sale? EVER?

    From you long time collectors I would love to hear your marketing analysis.:jammin:

  2. No crystal ball here but I don't see the classic prices going up any time soon. That said I'm not sitting on a throne with a mega attitude either.

    Can't help but wonder if the number of "defective" purses has substantially increased and what, if any, impact that will have in the long term. Also at stake is the global market and how long the recession/depression continues. There is nothing happening to stem the loss of jobs so we're in it for at least a year minimum. I think numbers of produced purses may decrease depending on demand numbers. Don't hold your breath for a fire sale for the classics. That's just my gut reaction and it's anybody's guess.
  3. The classics never go on sale EVER and with regard to pricing increase the UK has recently had a 10-20% increase on their classic chanels a couple of weeks ago. I believe that the "high end" boutiques will use the recession to gain back some of the exclusivity they enjoyed when their prices and products were considered to be too expensive for mass market consumers.
  4. I read in a thread here somewear that Chanel has dropped prices twice in the past, even on the classics. I don't remember how long ago that supposedly was, but I'm sure it was a long time ago. I can't remember what thread it was posted in :confused1: