Sage/Bone Liquid Patent Mahala - keeper?

  1. Hi ladies, I need your opinions. I was up Christmas morning and was able to order a Sage Liquid Patent Mahala from Saks. It finally arrived yesterday but I can't decide whether to keep it or not. It actually looks a lot better than I had imagined as the color is pretty uniform, sort of a dark olive, mossy green. It is not as blotchy as the pictures from the JC website.

    The problem is that I just bought the Plum LP Mahala and I'm not sure if I should keep the Sage as well. It would be two bags in the same style, same material. Although the Sage was a great buy, it is still money I don't need to spend. I've been trying to decide all day and I can't decide. I keep on going back anf forth between the pros and cons. Pros - pretty, can carry alot, great discount.
    Cons - same bag, spending more money.

    It's a great style but realistically, do I need 2 LP Mahala's? What do you girls think?
  2. I just received my Sage one also, and like you, was surprised at how pretty the color was IRL (I didn't think the stock photos looked that great). And at $690+ tax, it is a GREAT buy for the Mahala.

    This style is timeless, and both the plum and sage are gorgeous. I can see the guilt in having two, but I think they are both unique and can be dressed up/down with different outfits.

    I would vote for keeping both, many ladies on this forum have several colors of the same JC style. Both colors are beautiful. If your return the Plum to the boutique, I think for sale items they would only give you store credit. Never mind, I just read your post... you would return the Sage one, then?

    Good luck. Let us know what you decide!
  3. halunfishie I would truly say :yahoo:

    I currently own 3 Mahala's (2 of which are the exact suede & patent leather combo... plum & neon blue) and I also own 2 Ramona's.

    I have found that having a favorite style in a bag, but different colors is very common and last but not least....

    The price you paid for LP Plum & Sage together was less than 1 regular priced Mahala (which I ended up paying for my Plum Mahala :shame: )

    The Sage would be a wonderful color to wear year round as well :choochoo:
  4. I had ordered a Sage LP from Saks for a sale price, I got a canceled order notice, but today a Plum LP shows up this morning. Go figure. I really love the Plum color so I am not complaining. I have not seen the Sage in person. Either way you can't go wrong.
  5. I TOTALLY agree with Bonnie! (Although part of me wants to be evil and say return it so my greedy little hands can snatch it up!:shame:smile: I have lots of doubles of bags in different colors and I've never regretted it. I think if you return it, you'll feel better for now, but eventually you'll wind up regreting sending back a great bag at such a great deal. Good luck with your decision!
  6. Oh, HEAVENS TO BETSY! Two bags in the same style??? Remember this thread, girls?

    There is nothing to feel guilty of, if you like a style, get multiples. Stinkerbelle can have 6 Rings, Robynbenz has 12 Mahalas, and I have 4 Ramonas, and jmadon has 9 Maddys. The more the merrier, LOL :choochoo::choochoo::choochoo:

    Seriously though, it was fun digging for that old thread, got to see the Choo toilet seat again! How's it wearing, Samantha?

    I have to go to bed, I think I am punchy. :sleepy:
  7. So did you get a Plum LP on SALE????? Share details, I'm so jealous... I would love my Sage Mahala to have a purple buddy!!!
  8. Keeeeep it, keeeep it, keeeep it (said in low spooky voice):ninja:. It's not me, you're dreaming, and now you know you must keep it.
  9. halun--first of all, congrats on the great deal! :yahoo:i think the plum and the sage are so different--you are fine. :yes:also, if you love the style and the patent/suede combo--why not have two?!:shrugs::graucho:
    enjoy them both!:tup:

    hubba--did you get the plum lp mahala?:drool: if so, yay! :yahoo:and we are all bag buddies! let us know and see it, if so!:yes:
  10. Thanks for all your responses ladies. I was hoping that you guys would be my conscience saying no and telling me to return her, but how can I expect that from fellow Choo lovers?! We're all enablers, right?

    I really am undecided. I looked at her again last night and she really is beautiful but the shape is slightly bulky on the arm. Returning the plum is out of the question as it was a final sale so my only option is returning the sage. If I didn't already get the plum, I would have no problem keeping the sage. Another factor is that it's patent leather and when that is out of style I will most likely not carry it anymore. Why couldn't it had been only a so so bag then I would just not like it. I think I'm going to have to hold on to her for a few days a see what I decide.

    HubbaWubba, did you get the plum from Saks on sale? That is awesome! The plum ones sold out very quickly after Thanksgiving from Saks so the fact that they still had one for you at 65% off is great! And what a pleasant surprise after receivng a cancellation notice.
  11. My whole order from Saks was such a big screw up. Yes I got the Plum LP on sale as the Sage would of been. But it was $829, not $729 like I had got the Sage for. First, I had got a cancellation notice saying they weren't sending the Sage. I got the notice it was canceled on the day it was supposed to be delivered which really upset me. Then less then an hour later the Plum shows up at my house. I never even ordered the Plum, they just sent it. They didn't have a Plum when I ordered the Sage. So someone must of been still celebrating New Years or drunk when they were looking at my order. LOL. I will post pics some time this weekend. I totally love it. Its such a great color. :heart:
  12. :lol::lol:
    That's a funny story. So it's definitely a keeper?
  13. that is a weird story:nuts:....but the plum was meant to be yours for the wacky way you got her!:p ha!
    she is so pretty, congrats! :love:can't wait to see your pics...:woohoo:
  14. Wow Hubba - that plum must be your destiny!
  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:9 Maddys? I wish...I'm holding out for your EB Maddy tho!