Saga of the Revolving Door Legacy Bag

  1. Back during the June PCE I ordered a Legacy Satchel in Natural. When it came I didn't like it (I'm a shoulder bag girl). So I returned it & ordered a Mandy in Natural. Before it was delivered I bought a Black Mandy on eBay & an Ergo Natural Tote at the outlets so I never used the Natural Mandy. Yesterday I returned it & ordered a Leigh in Geranium(white). Today I went to the outlet for my B-Day present & found a White Mandy for a steal (because of black marks on it which I easily got out with a Mr. Clean Eraser!).... so now I don't need the White Leigh which probably hasn't even been pulled of the shelf at JAX to ship! I've gone through a Legacy Satchel, Mandy & Leigh (that I don't even have yet!) in a matter of 2 months. Will I ever get a bag I will actually keep?! Oh.. yeah & do I return it for credit now or hold onto it & return it when something I really love comes out?! DH says they are going to have my picture in the back room with a sign saying "be on the lookout for this shopper".:rolleyes:
  2. Personally I would return it and wait for the next PCE. You sound like me, I have bought and returned so many times that I am just WORN OUT!!
  3. LOL! We had a Legacy bag at our store that got returned 3 times (black signature legacy shoulder) and I finally got it after seeing the poor thing get returned.

    You have great taste, btw!
  4. I'd say return it for a credit now, and just hang onto the credit until something comes along that you love. :smile:

    I'm so envious of your Mandy! I saw two white ones at the outlet early this year, but couldn't bring myself to buy them because the price difference wasn't enough to make it worthwhile. It was so difficult to leave without it though, because it looked SO cute on me. (If I do say so myself. *L*)
  5. That's another story altogether... I bought a White Mandy at the outlet about 3 wks ago but decided it was too much $.. so I returned it 2 wks ago... Only to turn around & buy another one today! But this one was MUCH cheaper! DH thought I was crazy, he said I'd never get the marks out of it. It took less than 10 minutes to get that baby sparkling again!!
  6. How do you use the eraser on the Mandy? I just bought a Mandy in white and it has some shelf marks on it.. Thanks.
  7. That is so awesome. I'm jealous!
  8. lol, your dh is funny!
  9. It was amazingly easy.. I just wet the corner of the eraser & lightly rubbed the marks, wiped it dry & then moisturized the whole thing when I was done!
  10. Congratulations on your great finds! How I wish I had an outlet nearby. Maybe! LOL! When your Leigh comes, would you mind comparing the white legacy to the geranium? I'm curious about how different they might be.
  11. ^^Absolutely. I have to say seeing them both first hand (I ordered mine because they only had the floor model left & it wasn't perfect); the Mandy is definately more of a white & the Leigh is more like a parchment. The leathers are different too. The Leigh is more of a raw or soft leather & looks like it would not clean easily while Mandy has more of a finished leather that obviously cleaned up quite well!
  12. I would just like to mention that the new Legacy color that is white is called gardenia, not geranium. It's easy to mix that up since they are both flowers and there was a limited edition Legacy geranium satchel.