1. I'm new to this forum and have a mam in mind, could you tell me does this bag sag ?
    thank you.
  2. You mean like a pair of testicles on a warm summer's day?????
  3. ^muahhhhhhhhhhahahhahahahhahahahah, Contessa! You are too much! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    To the OP: If you mean sag like an LV Speedy sags on the bottom, then no, the RM MA and MAMs dont do that. It is very sturdy on the bottom base of the bag

  4. If you would like to relate it to that... YES !
  5. Yes, that is what I mean.

    Thank you for replying,
  6. Contessa, :blush::roflmfao:!!! :biggrin:

    Hi Bag Fetish, it would depend on the leather I believe. Try doing a search for the MA in Elephant (it doesn't seem to sag, I think kelly kapoor has modeling pics on this forum); but the others seem to be smooshier. The softer, matte leathers would be prone to sagging I think, like the ones Hayden Panettiere has on the Celebrity RM bags thread.

    Oops sorry! I see GUNG got what you meant lol...
  7. Damn, with all this talk of stiff vs. saggy I'm starting to wonder what we're really talking about!:shame:

    But to answer, it depends on the leather. My eggplant MAM must take Viagra, he stands up quite nicely on his own.
  8. ^ :roflmfao:
  9. Well, well, well ladies! What exactly do we have going on here??????:upsidedown:
  10. Bag Fetish, I hope I didn't offend you!

    Some leathers are more "stiff" than others (I'll keep my mouth shut!)

    But like Jenny so eloquently put it....Viagra isn't needed for all!
  11. lol!! oh dear... this thread is too funny. viagra :roflmfao:
  12. Not at all, I dont have to worry about that sort of sag .... LOL I just dont like my bag (wink) sagging :p
  13. Hey if the viagra helps great :smile:
  14. Just thought I'd ask since I was new to this bag...
    I have gone through all 10 pages and have been doing my fair share of drooling.

    I didn't see many bags /members that use organizers in their bags. I guess it doesn't feel like a speedy where things get lost ?

  15. Hmmm, the Botkier Bianca comes to mind for some reason