sag on speedy

  1. Hi everyone! This is my first posting on this forum. Everyone is so knowledgeable and helpful! I have a question about the speedy 35 though...I just got it for Christmas and I was wondering how you prevent it from sagging on the bottom? :cursing: I remember reading that some people put cardboard on the inside? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks so much!
  2. I prefer the bag to sag but you can always place a magazine at the bottom.
  3. I think a piece of cardboard cheapens the bag. =(
    When I had a Damier Speedy 30, I put a sweater in it. Some people also say purskets help.
  4. I've read a bunch of threads where people put pursekets in their bags. Have you ever seen one in person? I'm just worried that it looks tacky.

    Thanks so much!
  5. I used to use the cardboard that came with some of the other bags for form and cut it into the right shape and line my speedys with it. However, over time I've learned it doesn't look quite right - there is something about the slightly malleable look of the speedy that really adds depth to its beauty - similar to the way an aged deep honey-colored vachetta is always more beautiful than a bright light-colored leather.
  6. I personally like the look with the sag but many here have used cardboard cut to size.
  7. I feel that it is all a matter of opinion... Personally, I don't like a sagging Speedy which is why I prefer the French Company Speedy. Because it has the leather strip along the bottom it doesn't sag like the newer Speedy bags that are made from one piece of fabric.
  8. i just just make sure my purse is full, then it fills the purse rather than sags. if i dont have things to make it full to take with me that day, i either go saggy :p or i put a light sweater or overshirt in it.
  9. I bought a large purseket to use with my Speedy 30 but I didn't like how the sides of the purse folded over the purseket - you can see a line on the side of the Speedy. So, I'm not using the purseket but maybe I'll use it with a tote bag. I like the cardboard rectangular cutout since I don't like the sag factor.
  10. personally, i love when my speedies sag. it kind of adds to the character of the bag. as others have said, however, you can always fill it up, or put a magazine on the bottom of the bag if you don't want it to get too heavy.
  11. I don't like the sag. I put an Eluxury catalog on the bottom of my Speedies, it's thin and works perfectly.
  12. i like the sag, too!
  13. I have 3 Speedy's and like the moderation.

    If you are in the US, a Global letter envelope from the Post Office works very well. You can also cut down a FedEx envelope (thanks to a fellow tPF member for that one). It adds a wee bit of structure but still retains the overall Speedy sag.
  14. for a speedy, i love seeing the sag.. but for a keepall.. i think it's better with a flat bottom (especially since you set it down with your clothes inside, etc.. if it sags everything moves around!! that defeats the purpose of packing organized! lol!) so in my keepall i have 2 pieces of cardboard (it's the 60, so it's bigger than most pieces of cardboard i have laying around) and it's perfect.

    back on topic, imo, the sagging speedy up until the 35 size is gorgeous. on the 40 it just looks ridiculous cuz it's practically luggage at that size..
  15. I actually made the bottom with a thin cardboard and cover it by sewing brown cotton fabric onto it but only for my MC Speedy....

    I like my damier & monos to sag... :yes: