Saffron Yellow Dress... What Color Shoes? Accessories?

  1. I decided to put this question in wardrobe rather than shoes because I feel it is a question about the entire outfit, rather than just shoes...

    So, what color shoes should I wear with this dress? (sorry about the wrinkles)

    Here is a photo of someone wearing the same dress (she's an 8, and I am a 2). You can get a better idea of the color:

    So, any ideas? I would prefer a high heel. Something without an ankle strap would also be nice, as I am short and want a longer line. The event is in the beginning of October, but it will still be hot where I am. Also, any ideas about accessories in general are welcome! I have never had a yellow dress before, and I didn't realize how tough it was to match!! Thanks so much for your help.
  2. I wouldn't try to match the yellow. That would come off as matchy matchy like a bridesmaid.

    My first instinct was gold shoes. I think they would look great. You could probaby wear camel/taupe or raffia/straw too. You could also try popping a second color from the dress like purple shoes but this may be a little much with the main dress color being so bright. If you have a bright color shoe I would give it a shot and see how it looked. My only suggestion at your size is to keep the heel thin or do a wedge depending on the type of event. If you have thin ankles and calves an ankle strap may look better with a short dress to keep you in proportion - especially if you are a little top heavy.
  3. Agree with ZZ, I like the idea of a metallic either gold or bronze. Strappy would be fun since the lines of this dress are fairly simple. Also a lovely necklace - not too big and over-powering for your size. I'd go a little bigger/bolder than the necklace the person in the photo is wearing.
  4. I definitely think a gold pair of strappy sandals (maybe slingback instead of the ankle strap if you prefer) would be pretty. If the weather is still warm and it's a more casual affair or during the day, I also think raffia/straw would work as well like Zoeyzoo suggested.
    Depending on the weather, a pretty creme colored pashmina would be classic.
  5. Hi everyone. Thanks for your help! I already have a cream-colored pashmina to take along with me, so I can check that off the list. :smile: It seems like gold is the consensus thus far. I'll go on over to and look for ideas. The event is a cocktail party, but on the more casual side. I like the idea of wearing yellow because I will probably be the only one in yellow and I will only wear yellow when I am tan, so I am running out of time.
  6. I love yellow! I agree with everyone that gold could look nice, but I actually pair yellow with many other colors. I've been inspired this season people on the balenciaga boards and the new fall yellow color. I think it can look great with many bold colors and saw these and would wear them or something in that color with a yellow dress:

    also, grey or dark brown or navy could look good for a more understated look.
  7. You can do almost any color with saffron yellow IMO. If it's for a dressier event and you already have a cream pashmina, then gold bag, shoes and jewelry would look really good.

    eta- I just read that its more casual. In that case, I think I personally would go with black: black shoes, black wrap, black bag, bold black jewelry...
  8. Red strappy shoes! Bold but it works-- see Reese's outfit during the Golden Globes last year! Looks very fresh and primary colors worn plain are great together. You can wear simple red accessories or gold w/ red accents to complete the look!
  9. My first thought gold...then I!
  10. my first thought was red shoes and a clutch and a long gold necklace or big gold earrings and some gold bangles
  11. i vote for red!
  12. I agree red!
  13. I loved Reese's look with the red shoes, and found some that are similar. I will just have to try it with the dress I think. I don't want to look too Ronald McDonald! If I do red, I imagine I should do sandals like hers so there isn't too much red. I like black with yellow, but I don't want to look like a bee. I think I worry too much!! I like the royal blue shoes, CTgrl. I think what I may have to do is just take the dress shopping with me or even wear the dress and start trying different colored shoes on. That seems to be the best option, I think. Whew! This is work, haha. Thanks everyone!
  14. Cute dress!! Umm...I guess it depends what trend you want to go with. You could do the 80's style and put on pink shoes with a pink bag. You could do red, you could do a dark gold, black would look good. Honestly, any color would look good. I guess I wasnt much help lol.
  15. I love that dress! I agree strappy about a simple diamond soltaire pendant necklace.