Saffiano--what's your general opinion?

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  1. What are your thoughts on saffiano leather? I am not typically a fan, but it's become really popular and many designers are using it lately. Is there a reason for that? Demand from consumers? I don't really love the "pattern" on it, and it seems really stiff and often looks (to me) kind of like they're trying to conceal lower quality leather by embossing it.

    Is there something I am not getting about this stuff?
  2. It does vary in quality, i own two pieces in it. one is a wallet the other a smaller x-body. The wallet is nicer saffaino and softer ..

    I don't mind it in dabbles, and for the wallet(which is a wristlet/phone style) it's awesome to keep clean and is waterproof..

    I think that is the appeal easy to clean, does color well too but won't disagree some brands will probably hide inferior leathers with it too.
  3. I have two saffiano leather bags that I use to take to sporting events, concerts, etc. They're durable and are structured, so I don't have to worry about anything falling out of them. I agree with your assessments (stiff, leather quality) and wouldn't ever spend too much on them, but they're still in good shape and the price per wear has been worth it. It's easier than picking up a $20 bag every couple of months.
  4. The appeal is easy to clean, structured, and relative durability in terms of scratches.
  5. i have 2, but from low-end designers. i won't buy saffiano from high-end brands. the "leather" is very structured and durable and does soften a bit with use. it can withstand rain and bumps and can be easily cleaned. i think those are the benefits that appeal to many. but they often feel like cheap plastic and are hard, not soft. i use a saffiano tote for work sometimes, but never as my daily bag.. it's not lux enough to touch daily, way too stiff.

  6. Why wouldn't you buy from hugh end brands? Do you mean the prada saffiano? I'm just curious
  7. I have a couple of RM cross-bodies in saffiano and they are the perfect take-anywhere, don't care if they get wet/dirty/sit on the floor/etc type bags. They can withstand pretty much anything. Husband and I go to tons of music festivals and concerts and they are perfect for that! I would never take an expensive bag (or a bag with delicate leather) to a venue like that just to have it get rained on or have someone spill beer on it. ;)
  8. I have 4 saffiano bags and i really like it.. It is durable scratch resistant.. I can throw them around or rubb them against walls .. Nothing would depens also which colour I loke to take them to airplanes and to places where i know i need to take a worry free bag.. The saffiano leather varies .. Sometime is feels like cheap plastic .. Sometimes it's soft .. Sometimes in between soft and stiff.. So it depends .. I like structured bags and saffiano makes them more structured.. The shape stays the same.. It can get really heavy.. If you like carring them with a strap it's okay but just carring hand held is not really an option.. I still can't resist them ..i like worry free bags which remains the same and have not colour transfer ( i'm not sure if the white one is free of colour transfer but i have a creme white which had no colour transfer until now) it's an all weather bag.... rain sun.. And i can put them on the floor and nothing happens
  9. I don't like it, don't own any bags in it. It doesn't feel like leather, to me you might as well get plastic.
  10. Right now my everyday work bag is a KS saffiano satchel and it's great because it's structured so it holds my work papers/notebooks well. Plus the outside is easy to clean and water resistant so I'm less afraid of walking from my car to the building if it rains (it rains often where I live) and I can easily clean it when someone spills their coffee in it. I'm not sure I'd spend a lot for a high end saffiano bag though; at that price point I really want quality leather and I agree saffiano can hide lower quality.
  11. These are my feelings as well. I am just not a fan of the look, nor the kind of fussy, highly structured bag styles that it usually finds use in. If I buy a leather bag, I like a soft smooshy texture, or at least a softer, pebbled finish. To me, Saffiano looks cheap/unluxurious, and feels like plastic or vinyl. *shrug*

    I can understand why it appeals, in terms of durability and upkeep, though.
  12. right, like prada. i own a CK one and a Dooney one, so in the $100 range max. i don't consider saffiano a lux enough material to warrant high-end prices. just my opinion on saffiano. not worth a high-end price.
  13. For me, saffiano a no-no when it comes to larger pieces like bags. I have a MK card wallet and I really don't like it that much; the MK saffiano is thick, bulky and unattractive. I have seen thinner, nicer feeling saffiano on some high end bags but I still wouldn't pay the prices they sell for.
    As long as there are other durable, robust leathers out there I'll steer clear of saffiano.
  14. Ok, so I guess I am really not alone in this. You guys nailed what I was thinking about it, that it was not coming across to me as a particularly luxurious material, but more along the lines of a durable/workhorse type instead. In a wallet/SLG it might be very appealing, but maybe not in a bag. I am more the "smooshy" or pebbled type of leather as well. I don't tend to go for very structured bags.

    Now, I see why it would be appealing to many people, in terms of not worrying about it getting wet or beaten up, but it isn't my type. I would stick to a nylon like MZ Wallace for that, I think, but I just kept seeing this popping up all over and was wondering if I was missing something gaining in popularity, or at least gaining within the market.
  15. I have a old Fendi qutweet pouch and a new monster flap wallet in saffiano. I don't like saffiano at all but tolerate it for these fun pieces. However whilst it's quite stiff I am surprised to see that pouch has softened a little. I don't mind the wallet being stiff but it's a rubbish idea on a flat pouch. It is incredibly durable and the pouch shows no signs of wear at all.
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