Saffiano wallet with chain

  1. Hello all

    I just passed by Neiman Marcus while on a weekend trip to Chicago. While waiting for my new shoes to be packed up, I noticed a Saffiano wallet with a chain. Looked kind of cute .

    I already have a Saffiano wallet but this seemed kind of cute. I also allowed my inner shop monster to come out that day, so I could be wrong :p

    Anyone have this? Opinions? Too Chanel with the chain?

    I'm not a huge fan of Chanel bags btw. I have Chanel shoes and boots but not big on the bags (yes I am weird :p)
  2. I saw that online while I was looking for wallets. I think it is really cute and not too Chanel. I'm not a big Chanel fan either. I do like their WOCs for evening and the camera bags aren't too dressy, but I don't care for the GST at all the the flap bags are way overpriced and way too dressy for every day use.
  3. any pictures?
  4. I looked for a small purse for the evening recently and saw the wallet online. I agree, it's very cute. I also came across the chanel like looking strap. Perhabs the "Zip-Top Document Holder" is an alternative?
    On the other hand, you can find several Purses with a chain at the moment ... so it's no patent of chanel ...

    I like, that you can use it as a wallet for the day or small purse for the evening. :graucho: What do you think, do iphone and key find place inside as well, besides money and stuff?
  5. I got this bag in Dark Rose from NM. I love the color! I was debating between this and the MK saffiano cross body which is essentially the same except for the strap. I really wanted a removable strap so i have the option of just using it as a wallet when I get bored of wearing it like a bag. I also wanted a wallet that will fit my big Android phone. This fits the bill! There are two columns for credit cards so it's not a small wallet. But I don't think this is any bigger than a normal big wallet. This will also fit a small set of keys in addition to the phone. Hope this helps.
  6. I forgot to mention that the chain strap is actually kind of stiff in comparison to Chanel WOC. But I think that's because of the saffiano leather in the strap that makes it stiff. Also this is a fraction of the cost of the Chanel so it's not really fair to compare.
  7. I tried asking in Singapore and they said its seasonal. Is yours a new collection?
  8. It's slightly bigger than saffiano continental wallet, the long chain can remove or doubled as a short shoulder strap. I like it because it's practical for going out. Mostly important, i can put my iphone in it :smile: (but it's been sold out everywhere in Canada) :'(
  9. hi wjinger! i'm in canada as well! wondering how much it is in canada?