saffiano tote in light pink

  1. Hi I'm new in this forum, I'm thinking of getting the saffiano tote in light pink. Can you tell me the pros/cons of this bag. Ive never had a pink bag so I'm not to sure if I want to get this bag in this color. Hope you can help me decide, thank in advance :smile:
  2. I don't have this bag, but I want to get a Saffiano. I looked at this color but felt it would not go well with the majority of my wardrobe. I also thought the color might be a bit high maintenance.
  3. If you're referring to the colour "cammeo", I've got it and it's FANTASTIC! Not high maintenance at all and its actually a really neutral colour in real life - hence easy to match with clothes :smile:
  4. is it like a light pink? I've never seen it in real life.
  5. I also have a tote in Cammeo. It is a combination of a nude with pink undertones. I am not a pink girl at all but really love this bag. It is a great neutral. I think I can use it all year round.
  6. I ordered this bag and am still waiting for it to come home!!!! It's a great neutral color. Much more neutral than on any website can portray. It'll match with almost anything. grays, beige, creams, etc... Cannot wait for my bag to come home :smile:
  7. I also have this bag in Camneo and absolutely adore it! Agree with the other comments, the pink is quite subtle and looks quite neutral. I found it very easy to match with my clothing
  8. any modelling pictures?
  9. Any issues with color Transfer? Also the Saffiano Lux Top Handle Open Tote has shoulder strap? The Neiman Marcus website does not describes anything, but the same bag on Prada website says it has a shoulder strap.. Can anyone help?
  10. I have the bag in Cammeo and had the same concerns you have about colour transfer and whether it was high maintenance before I got the bag. I don't believe in "baby-ing" my bags, but I do make a conscious effort to watch where I place the bag, and ensure that I'm not wearing dark denim when I am carrying the bag, which is easy cos I work in a no-denim work environment. Heh.

    My BN2274 comes with a shoulder strap, and I was told only BN2274 and BN1801 comes with the detachable shoulder strap. You might want to verify and confirm that with some of the other members here. BN1801 is the smaller version, with magnetic closure and single zipper, whereas BN2274 is the one with double zippers.

    Hope that helps, and you get the bag soon! :tup:
  11. I love this colour & was very tempted to get it instead of the caramel saffiano tote but I already have a bag in a similar colour so I opted for caramel but it is a beautiful colour & I don't think it would be too high maintenance but you might need to be careful when wearing dark denim because denims a killer to all bags.
  12. I have been thinking about this color in BN 1801, hope it would match easily for everyday looks.
  13. i loveee the cameo and just ordered it.. cant wait to have it in my hands!!! 4 days more :smile: :smile: .... btw, iv been seeing pics on PurseForum of the cameo, and they appear to be dark pink. i know thats not the case coz the prada e-store itself has a very light pink (called cameo) so obviously thats the original color-- but why does the bag look darker pink on the PurseForum pics? are those not original? im confused!
  14. Actually, the BN1801 (medium) and the BN2274 (large) both have the double zips and detachable shoulder strap - the BN2316 is the mini version of the previous models.

    The BN1874 is the one with the single zipper and magnetic closure, it is a similar size to the BN2274 and also has a detachable shoulder strap.

    Did you end up buying it in cameo? Lol it's a nice versatile colour :smile: