saffiano tote cracked on the side!

  1. Toronto Holt Renfrew on Bloor Street told me there is only 1 year warranty
  2. I think it's 2 years as well. That's what I was told here in Melbourne (Australia). Could you give your SA a call and discuss your options for now?

    I am about to purchase my BN1786 but I keep reading threads like this :sad:
  3. I bought a saffiano lux, BN 1801 and the sides were slightly uneven when I received it. I had actually ordered the bag from Hawaii from a contact I got from other threads in this forum. Admittedly the 'cracks' are not extremely worrisome, but i'm bit sad knowing it's not perfect! I've written twice to the SA asking for advice but no reply...

  4. Yeh reading these thread made my first Prada purchase will be my last item aswell.. I'm over it with uneven leather, gold deminish, crack leather.. But I think it's most high end luxurious bags as well that it's quality is not like how it use to be few years ago.. Especially Chanel! There caviar and hand made bags were perfect and quality very well meeting it's standard. Now.. Price are ridiculous increasing 600$ per 6 month and quality of the hand made is as bad as machine made! I think I'm stopping my addiction now and just buy small leather good.,
  5. ^ couldnt agree more. Its not just prada - lv, chanel, etc, have all gone down hill.
    I purchased my first prada bag yesterday and im loving it so much!
  6. Did you manage to find it on Collin in cameo!?
  7. wow! I hope that they fix that for you asap! I bet it's super annoying!
  8. If you purchased the handbag from a reputable merchant, a problem such as yours should be handled with their apologies, regardless of an existing warranty.
  9. If you used a credit card to purchase, you may want to dispute the amount. That will usually generate a response!
  10. Exciting! You will likely enjoy it for many years to come
  11. I would mention to your SA that there seems to be a known problem with this bag and ask if something is being done to correct it. Ask how they will handle the problem if it were to happen to your bag in say 2 or 3 years.
  12. I believe the warranty only covers the hardware, so as any other premium brands
  13. SA replied but I'm keeping the bag though since returns can only be made in Prada US or Canada. It's just too cumbersome to reclaim sales tax and there's no guarantee the replacement will be perfect. Guess I've a phobia... I'm not too impressed with local Prada stores service as well. The SAs can't comment if this is a defect, adviced it'll take 3-4 months should I send it for repair and said only hardware and stitchings are under warranty. Another told me its normal as the area is folded (every other bag on display is not uneven) and yet another simply just told me it'll peel over time, just try not to touch it so much!!

    Having said that, I'm still so in love with the bag but will definitely think twice before buying another Prada!
  14. I'm new to purseforum & have been following the above posts about problems with the Saffiano leather. I've had a Saffiano ziparound wallet for just over 6 months & purchased it thinking it would withstand normal wear & tear. So far, it still looks great- However, my new BL0792 GlaceCalf bag in argilla has not been doing so great. I loved the color & soft calf leather so purchased it, but would never recommend this leather/ color combo. The slightest stains from normal wear & tear are visible & when I asked for advice at my local Prada store, the sales rep was totally unhelpful. Needless to say, this bag will likely be my last Prada purchase- so disappointed with my experience.
  15. P.S. Regarding warranties, the Prada authenticity card states: "This Prada product is granted a guarantee covering all manufacturing defects." It doesn't say anywhere that it covers only a 2-year period, but would think cracks in the leather material would be covered as a defect. Does anyone know if the warranty varies depending on the Prada product?