saffiano tote cracked on the side!

  1. Has this happened to anyone else?!
  2. Oh no! How long have you purchase it? Do you have a pic so we can have an image how it looks like?! I've a saffiano too and scared this might happen to my bag! If it's less than two years, you have a warranty if you go to your boutique and get it check out!
  3. Can you put up some pics please?
  4. oohh that sounds awful, how long have you had it for? I also just recently bought a saffiano lux, so am definitely wanting to know what happened to yours.

    piccies would be helpful. :useless:
  5. Do you mean this? I've had mine for over half a year now but this was present within a month of owning it. PRADA offers 6months warranty only I think. 2 years seems too much for a handbag.
  6. I were told specifically by the Department Manager that Saffiano Lux Tote have 2 years cause I was very concern purchasing Prada bag for the first time. If you live in Melbourne I can give you further details so that you can confirm this statement :smile:
  7. My SA also told me that warranty lasts for 2 years
  8. I noticed the handles on my saffiano lux tote was starting to peel. i kind of shrugged it off because I've had the bag for some time now but I don't think it's been two years....does this mean that it would still be under warranty of some type? What would I need to do to get them repaired? I'm pretty sure I have the receipt somewhere....
  9. Never heard of prada having warranty. What does the warranty cover?
  10. 2nd this
  11. This scares me I have a saffiano tote and will be upset if this ever happen. I don't have the receipt so how does the warranty works.
  12. I were told by my SA who had happen to be the Department Manager if these problems present in future... I could bring it to the boutique with or without the receipt because they would have your detail when you purchase the tote. They would examine how badly is the damage, they either sent it back to Italy for the handscraft to replace a new handle or replace you a new bag. I ask the DM why, she replied its part of Prada luxurious quality warranty. She had client that bags over 10yrs of purchase and still get it fix. I bought the Prada bag for the first time so I usually ask loads of questions. Good luck!
  13. I was pretty paranoid about peelings on the bag too, and my SA said there's warranty for 2 years! May be best to check with your SA to see if there is anything they can do about it (:
  14. I was in my local Prada store today and I overheard a customer ask if there was a warranty on the bag, to which the SA replied that there was a 2 year warranty. The customer was buying a gorgeous navy blue large saffiano lux tote.

    If you take it back to the store that you originally bought it from they should be able to help you with getting it repaired.
  15. I also asked them about the warranty but the SA who I asked told me that there's 1yr warranty, not 2.. I don't know but 2 sounds good..;)