saffiano tote BN1801 - plz help me decide

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Which bag ?

  1. Black

  2. Orange (papaya)

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hey I'm struggling to decide between The black and orange. What would you go for? Both colours would go with my wardrobe.. Please help
  2. That two totally dif colors :smile: wat other color bags u hav right now ? Im a bright color girl so my opinion might be biased, but since fall n winter we have more dark color clothes, I did say go with sth dat pops to fresh ur look.
  3. oh black is a classic color the other one is trendy. If u collect bags what color do u think is missing in your collection?
  4. I voted black because I think of the Saffiano Tote as a classic timeless bag.
  5. If I were you I'd go for orange, although I've got a black one, that'cuz I've only got a choice between black and pale pink.
  6. I was going to buy the same size as the one you are thinking about now, but the colour was what stopped me. I fell in love with the colour Cameo (nude pink/beige) and because it was a neutral colour that I could wear everyday, I felt like I needed a size that would suit me for everyday, so I went up a size. I decided that the small one looks best for bright colours (it adds a cute pop of colour for that size bag).

    So, I think the size looks best with a bright colour.. Go with orange! Save black if you ever get a bigger work/everyday bag.