Saffiano Lux Open Tote

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  1. i know the word says open tote but can anyone explain the interior to me? does it have a magnetic closure or is it totally open? thanks girls.
  2. Mine is open with a magnetic closure.

    There is a small patch pocket inside on one side, and on the other side is a little larger zippered pocket.

    But yes the bag has no overall zipper closure - just a magnetic closure.

    There is a version of this bag with zippered top closure...not sure of what the exact name / product number is.
  3. oh dear - I just found this bag on sale for $999 CDN - I must say the bag did attract me very much - I have it on hold and don't know if I should take the plunge - the colour is Amaranto but I also have an LV vernis in amarante - don't think it is too similiar??
  4. info from Joanna...

    here is the size difference, from smallest to largest, and what current colors we have available:

    Price: $1410
    Size: 30 L x 20 H x 13 W (cm)
    Color: Bacca (brick)
    Info: Smallest size of the tote with the top double zippers with open middle compartment

    Price: $1325
    Size: 33 L x 21.5 H x 14 W (cm)
    Color: Nero (black)
    Info: Newer model, it is the opposite of the above - has 2 open compartments with 1 zipper middle compartment. Each open side has a magnet button closure to keep it closed.

    Price: $1525
    Size: 35.5 L x 26 H x 15 W (cm)
    Color: Cacao (brown)
    Info: Medium size of the BN1801

    Price: $1595
    Size: 37 L x 26 H x 17 W (cm)
    Color: Nero and Argilla (grey)
    Info: Another newer model, more simple with only side snaps and just one big compartment (no seperations inside)

    Size: 40 L x 30 H x 17 W (cm)
    Color: Nero, Cacao, Caramel (tan), Pomice (light grey), Barolo (wine)
    Info: Largest size of the BN1801
  5. is so confusing....i saw a lady taking the smaller one few days ago and it looked great!! I kept searching details for the bag, now then i realised there are so much difference in the sizes, internal compartments and prices.

    Thanks for the info. :smile:
  6. purse-nality Thank you for providing the measurements.
  7. Wondering if any of the Saffiano totes can be carried on the shoulder?
  8. Wow I'm from Toronto, do you mind telling me where you found that bargain?? And what color is amarante like? Magenta?

    I just ordered a BN1844 saffiano lux tote from Joanna in Bluette. Very excited!
  9. BN1801 come with extra shoulder strap.

    Pop down to your nearest Prada and try!