Saffiano lux... Is this reasonable?

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  1. Hi ladies, I recently purchased a saffiano tote but one of the corners looks like its tearing apart :sad: do you think this is acceptable? I think this is the last cameo 1801 they have at holts so I don't know if I want to let it go

  2. No that is not acceptable. I would contact holts. But if you really like it and it is the last one...your call.
  3. Is it like only a visual kind of thing or is it really tearing apart? If second, return it. Otherwise I would keep it. The stitching on my tote is also bit visible, but totally fixed.
  4. I can sort of see it looks like the leather is tearing/peeling. I would return it or have it sent for repair, but if you're not concerned that it will tear further, I would just leave it.
  5. all four corners of mine looks like that + scratch on the leather.
  6. Definitely return/exchange!! If your corner seams are coming off, your entire bag is going to become undone sometime in the near future because the corners are what holds the bag together.
  7. This is my HUGE GRIPE with this style and I won't buy one until this MAJOR design flaw is altered. It's ugly and it's a weak point in the bag where the bag carries most weight. I don't know why they couldn't have just completed the join with the piping all the way to the bottom. Much neater, stronger finish.
  8. That would really bug me. I'd be paranoid of it really ripping even if it wasn't!
  9. I just got mine exchanged today. Spoke to the manager and no problems. They gave me a new one and sent my one to repairs.
    The bottom also looks neater.

    You should definitely go back and try to see what they an do.
  10. my 2 saffianos' four corners look like that too... im ok with it... i feel the sewing is strong to hold but the leather might peeling off after times...
  11. How long have you had yours? I'm wondering if it's because the leather is too dry so it's not stretching out properly, hence it is being pulled/ripped at the seams.
  12. I brought it back to Prada at holts in Vancouver but the SA said this is normal. I asked her to check if there are any 1801 cammeo left in Canada so I can do an exchange she checked the computer and said they're all sold out. I asked if she can send it back to Prada for a repair and she said they won't fix it until the bag is actually blown out. I was like :wtf: It bothered me a lot so I called Prada at Holts in Calgary the next day (which was where I bought my bag), they said they have 2 in stock (I was surprised cause the girl in van said they are all sold out) and can send one over to holts in Vancouver but it is up to Prada in Vancouver to decide whether they're gonna let me exchange it. :thinking:

    This is my first Prada purchase and will definitely be the last if they don't let me exchange it! The bag should arrive this week and I'll see how it goes. Sorry for the long story. Horrible experience at Prada Vancouver! :yucky::nono::rant::cursing:
  13. Mine is like that also, had mine for over a year. I just thought that was normal. Yikes!
  14. Who did you talk to? You should ask for Bianca and say that Sheila referred you. She's my SA and really flexible and nice. I found that you really have to be "buddy buddy" with them in order to get a lot of stuff done, it's sad but unfortunately that's the way it is.
  15. Yeaaa, I totally agree with you, things are always easier when you have a good relationship with your SA. I don't know who I talked to, but she is a young Chinese girl that speaks Mandarin. Do you know what days your SA are off? I'll try to look for her when the bag arrives. TIA! ;)