Saffiano Leather's durability

  1. Hi guys just would like to know how durable the Saffiano leather actually is ; I recently bought a large Prada black nylon travel duffel and when I was taking it out of the closet last night and found a few white scratches on the handle, and I haven't even used it for once!
    Only reason I could think of is that it might've been scratched by the wall or door frame of the closet, which was bit narrow, but the bag was inside the dustbag the whole time.
    Does Prada do maintainance or repair for things like this and how long does it usually take? Have you guys had similar problem with Prada's leather?

  2. I've never had problems with the leather on my Prada nylon bags. I would go to your local Prada boutique and send it in for repairs. I heard that it takes about 1 month.