Saffiano Cuir straps

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  1. I recently purchased a Saffiano Cuir medium bag from eBay. It's new and I received the dust bag and all the cards with it. What I noticed when I received it is that the straps are able to move up and down (picture attached) whereas most that I looked at had "fixed" handles. Obviously it didn't stand out to me too much because I overlooked it and I still love it but I just wondered if anybody knows what the difference in the different bags are?

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  2. Hey, I have bought this bag as well last year and I found it really beautiful and outstanding, I love it so much.
    But I'm only 156cm tall and the original length for the strap seems too long for me, so I have shortened the strap and it's FOC!
    Recently they have come out for smaller side I felt that is more suitable to me.

  3. You should get this bag authenticated. Even with the single photo, there are things that don't look authentic.
  4. Hi, can I ask how you shortened the strap? I am 153 myself and have the same problem with this bag!
  5. i
    i bought fendi strap you to replace my prada shoulder strap.the prada strap is too long for me as well.
  6. Just send it to any Prada boutique and show them your authentic card, they will do the service for you and it's FOC.
  7. I have 2 Saffiano Cuir Double Bag in size Small and Medium, but they seem too big and the strap is too long for me. Can I bring the strap to the store to punch a hole?
  8. Maybe cobbler could do it?
  9. I did it in the Prada store it self.
    They do it for free.
  10. Great news, I would Like to do it on my double cuir.
  11. I forgot to tell you that they cut the the straps and adjust the leng of straps base on whatever you want. So, they did not punch the the whole.
    It took about 3 weeks for my straps.
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  12. Good to know, but it seems so long :sad:
  13. Know that this thread is a bit old, but just wanted to add my experience.

    I took my double cuir tote and promenade bag to the Prada Soho store in NY to have the straps shortened. I was able to get both done in store that day. The whole process was very quick and only took 30 mins or so. Granted this store is not super busy like their 5th Ave locations. And I was lucky that they had someone on site who was able to do the alterations.

    As others mentioned, they cut the leather to your desired length and then reattach to the hardware. But I'm sure they can just add another hole too if you don't need it shorted too much.