Saffiano cosmetic/camera pouch?

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  1. #1 Apr 18, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2014

    I want to get this bag, but a little worried it doesn't fit too much. Does anyone own this bag and could show me whats inside? I have a toddler and currently prego, so I need something lightweight that I can carry around without overstuffing it and weighing me down, but I also need to be able to fit my essentials (card case, money, keys, phone, small pack of wipes, lip gloss and maybe sunglasses?). My other options, I'm thinking of is the miu miu double zip pouch or Bal mini City (but I'm not wanting to spend too much). I also have a Chanel square mini that I could use, but I don't want to beat it up too much. Any input appreciated! TIA.
  2. I am wanting to buy one too. I have seen it IRL. It is quite small, probably will fit everything you want except sunglasses for sure! And possibly no wipes either, depending on what size they are.

    I would definitely recommend it to you as a quick run around or crossbody. It's really cute and compact. The colour you have chosen us gorgeous too! You're probably why I'm not buying it yet? And that's because the colour I want is sold out, and I'm waiting for more to come in. I'm after the turchese colour = turquiose. Hope this info helps.
  3. I have this bag and it really doesn't fit much.
    I use a little coach card wallet for my cards and money, fits iPhone, mirror, lipgloss and car key and that's really about it.
    Not very practical at all, but is extremely cute!
    I use mine for quick errands and nights out.
  4. I think this cosmetic pouch is a little small for what you're looking for but it is really cute! You could also look at the Gucci soho disco bag. I have one and it just fits a long wallet perfectly and can fit my keys, sunglasses, chapstick and a few other misc. items.
  5. Yes, this is true, the Gucci bag would fit more and they come in wonderful leather and colours too - it would be more suitable than this Prada as that will be a bit too small for the things you listed.
  6. Thanks ladies for the advice! I was hoping it would fit more since it's so cute and I've seen a few moms with it. Oh well. Maybe I can cut down my essentials :smile: the Gucci bag is an option i never considered. It looks like it can fit everything i need. I'll definitely check it out. Any other suggestions?

  7. I think the gucci soho will be the best option. I wish this was the one I got instead of the Prada. Which colour are you going to get?
  8. You guys are really temping me with the Gucci Soho bag. I don't own anything gucci and have never considered the brand but I saw a few video reviews and it does look yummy. Though I'm a bit worried that if I have more room then I will fit more in the bag and it'll weigh me down. I will take a look at a boutique. Maybe that will help. Im loving the off white. I want a neutral light color since i have a lot of black bags righy now. Or pink...Still in love with the Prada though. Also looking at this miu miu. Its slightly bigger than the Prada and a little smaller than the Gucci. And comes in pink.

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  9. This is really pretty!!!!!!!!
    Love the colour!
  10. To be honest with you, I have Prada myself and love it - but the Gucci one is better value for the dollar as the leather is so lovely and soft and in patent finish it is even more stunning. I dont think you would weigh down the Gucci one and really if you feel you dont want to weigh it down then that is simple, dont fill it - but at least with that slightly more room you have a choice if you do want to take more things one day. The Gucci one is really lovely and have you seen the two tone gold version? To die for !!
  11. I might be throwing a wrench into this discussion, but I just saw this on Neiman Marcus online:

    It comes in other colors (I understand this color might not appeal to some). I haven't seen this on (though I may have just missed it). It is pricier than the bag in your original post though, but costs less than a Bal mini-city.

    Just thought I'd throw another option in the mix - you never know. ;) Good luck! :biggrin:
  12. +1 !

    It's better to have more room so that if you wanted to fill it you could but the option is always nice.

    It's my first Gucci bag also and tbh I don't really like anything from Gucci other than the soho bag but the leather is TDF and IMO it's the perfect size for a side bag
  13. Thanks fo sharing another option! Its a cute bag but a little narrower and might not fit as much. Im liking the color too. And all the pockets make it pretty functional, but I think I'm still stuck on the camera case shape. Its so simple and cute.
  14. Thanks for everyones input. Its a tough decision but I went back to the boutique again today and narrowed down my essentials and tried to fit it all in and it worked! Including sunglasses! Well, except I borrowed a card case :smile:, which is a lot slimmer than my Chanel card case. I love the clean lines and simplicity of the bag plus its super light and looks better on my shorter frame than a bigger bag does. (Looked at the miu miu too and its not as sturdy as the saffiano leather and is a bit slouchy). Correct me if I'm wrong but the saffiano leather should hold up through time and wear right? I actually don't own anything Prada and this will be my first. Now I just need to get DH on board since this will be my mothers day gift :smile: I was suppose to be on a bag ban but with a new kid on the way and toddler to chase, this is more practical. I hope to do a reveal really soon!
  15. That's awesome! I'm so happy for you. Can't wait for the reveal. Are you still going with the cameo colour?