Saffiano Color Poll!

  1. Hi guys,

    I've finally decided to buy a new bag (after much deliberation). Unfortunately, I'm going to have to do this online as there is no Prada store here in Minneapolis which makes me want to cry into my pillow every night.

    I'm interested in the Saffiano tote BN1801 (small with shoulder strap and 2 zippers) and they come in a variety of colors. Now the question is, which one do I get? I'm interested in a neutral bag, so would you pick Caramel or Cameo? (or be really safe and get Black?)


    (For reference: my wallet is a prada quilted saffiano in hot pink, seen here

    and I currently own a Navy blue MBMJ hillier hobo, a black Marc Jacobs padlock bag, and a Prada Vitello Shine tote in Cacao.)
  2. 1# Caramel
    2# Red
  3. The Cameo is pretty and different. There are tons of other choices for a black bag. Not really a fan of the Carmel.
  4. Cameo is very pretty and goes with everything.
  5. I bought a BN2274 in Cameo too.. I was looking for a neutral color bag that is not too light-colored for fear of color transfer, love how Cameo goes with almost anything in my wardrobe and the unique blend of dusty pink/nude is lovely!

    Btw, is Cameo a seasonal or classic color? I got different answers from different salespersons.:biggrin:
  6. Hi!
    Would you please post a modeling shot? I want to get a saffiano lux tote and can not decide on which one, BN2274 is my 1st choice but I want to have a better idea about its size. TIA and I hope OP doesn't mind me asking this here!
  7. Thanks you guys- the cameo looks quite pinky on the website. However, as I was looking through the Prada subforum here, it does look more beigey. Is that right? I really wish I could see it IRL or a picture taken outside.

    I'm so excited!
  8. pink~
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    not a Caramel or Cameo fan :smile:
    I would pick cornflower blue
  10. last weekend my sa introduce a new color known as bruyere to me, it is so adorable..cute and sweet!!.... so i decided not to hunt for fuoco and get this one... hehe~
    bruyere BN2274.jpg
  11. I own the 2274 in Cameo. The color is so lovely!
  12. The cameo is pretty. I prefer it over the caramel.
  13. It's a classic colour, but they sometimes stop production on it and bring it out again later for seasonal purposes :smile:
  14. Thanks, it's great to know that I invested in a
    classic piece ;)