Saffiano and New Siggy bags at Dillards.

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  1. New Siggy Bags!



    This was the first time I've ever laid eyes on Saffiano IRL. I took my time handling it and comparing it to Coach and MK saffiano. My initial thought was that it's thicker than I expected. Still feels like plastic but thicker than Coach and thinner than MK. It was very sturdy. Not sure if it's for me, but I did really like the dark gray. Sorry no close up pics this time!
  2. Thank you so much for the spy pictures Dooneyducky and comparing the saffiano. I can't wait to visit Dillard's now! I am loving the saffiano clutch in gray.
  3. Thanks DD. I don't have anything in saffiano and am not sure I like the stiffness, but I have to say the dark gray is beautiful. I think if I were to get a bag that would be the color. Thanks for the pictures. :smile:
  4. Thanks for the pics, liking the siggy.
  5. Zip zip in caramel : love:
  6. Thanks for the pics DD!

    I'm likin' the new Siggy totes!
  7. Thanks for the pics!! I'm still so undecided if I like the Saffiano or not, in any brand. I'm really not crazy about the texture. But the gray really is pretty.
  8. I'm also loving the bright blue cobalt looking bags in the back.
  9. I'm loving the new siggy bags, too. :smile: