Safety of Makeup & Skincare products

  1. Hi there I just stumbled upon this website while searching for lipsticks that may contain lead along with hazardous ingredients, some of you might already know of the website's existence, but thought I'd share as it has pretty neat data!

    0 ranked for completely safe ingredients. Stay away from those ranked 6+.
  2. Oh yeah, I remember this from awhile back. It's pretty scary what's in some of our products... like shampoos, soaps, moisturizers, etc.
  3. the lead in lipsticks isn't true if you ever find one that gives you a test not true it dosen't work the FDA regulates cosmetics and don't allow lead in products.
  4. I think this was already posted, but if it stops people from using the unsafe lipsticks, then that's :tup:
  5. Thanks for posting!