Safety issues when carrying a high end bag?

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  1. It just occurred to me that when you carry a very desirable high end bag, do you worry a little about your own safety? Do you worry that someone will try to rob your bag? For example, if I owned a Chanel, I might worry that it would make me more of a target when carrying it. I would save it for special occasions. Anyone feel the same way....or put aside any worries and just enjoy your bag?
  2. I have on occasion worried about this, especially when a youth tried to snatch my Bal City in town a couple of years ago. But I think now that ANY handbag is a target for thieves. We have to stay super-alert about our belongings. I wouldn't walk around a dangerous neighbourhood carrying a Chanel. I just wouldn't walk around in a dangerous neighbourhood, full stop. And especially at night on my own.
  3. I highly recommend a book called "The Gift of Fear" by Gavin de Becker. It's not the item you're carrying, it's the person who is carrying it.

    I have never been concerned about my safety when carrying a high-end bag, but then my personality type is not a fearful one, either. I notice my surroundings, don't allow my personal space to be invaded, and am more likely to confront than to back away.
  4. Nope never worry about safety issues just because I'm carrying a high end bag. Most thieves probably can't tell any designers apart and they're more interested in what's inside the bag like credit cards and money. I always make sure my bag is zipped and I have it on me at all times like in the grocery stores. I often see women who leave their bags in the carts while browsing for veggies and that's like advertising for thieves to steal their bags.
  5. Where I live, Chanel, LV, Gucci, all those other brands are very common, therefore safety is not my concern. I guess it depends on where you are and what others use around you. When I went to New Jersey several years ago, while taking public transit from the Penn Station, I felt somewhat uncomfortable even taking out my Gucci wallet to pay for bus fare because everybody else weren't using/wearing name brand things. I was afraid I'll attract unwanted attention.
  6. Where I live, Coach, non-designer bags and of course knock-offs are seen everywhere. When I carry my high-end bags, I don't worry about my safety at all. Most people around here don't even know what they are and if they do, they probably assume they aren't real. I think most thieves don't care about the bag though, they care about what's IN the bag.
  7. Even theives in the ghetto know the high end bags - just watch a rap video - but there are so many fakes out there I think they would just assume it was fake anyway
  8. trust your instincts.
  9. I've never felt unsafe carrying a high end bag. Not that everyone is toting a high end bags where I live. I'm like ChiChi143 most of the bags I see are coach, knock offs, or lower end price range designers, the only high end brand I really see with any frequency is LV and yes I can spot the fakes a mile away. Even when I'm walking around the uber posh neighborhoods I don't see many 4 figure hand bags. While I may be a bag junkie most people don't know or invest the time into knowing about all the diffrent brands of handbags. Granted I do tend to wear non logo bags. But even if I was wearing a logo bag I wouldn't be concerned. All I have to say is whoever tries to snatch one of my bags is going to be in for one big surprise no one messes with my bags! :bagslap:
  10. I see what most of you are saying...most people wouldn't know a fake from the authentic. We should really go ahead and enjoy our bags...just keep a watchful eye of your surroundings. All good points....
  11. My sister does that. I hate it! I always want to play a prank on her to teach her a lesson!
  12. Yes.
  13. Most thieves wouldnt know a designer bag I think. I think most street thefts are now for mobile phones.
  14. a) I doubt a thief would know my bag is expensive b) I'd beat the hell out of him with it if he/she tried.

    I don't worry one little bit. At 5'10" not many people mess with me.
  15. :ninja: People get hurt not bags therefore my only safety consideration me, a bag I can replace.

    If you mean do I worry about my bag being snatched then it's usually going to be what's inside that thieves want. It's not my bag they are targeting. I carry my keys in my pocket/separate bag if I have to carry anything with my address on or vice versa.

    The only point I worry about my actual bag being targeted is in restaurants or cafes in town where bag-thieves do operate because they know unscrupulous consignment/pre-loved shops etc that will give them quick cash (no naming names here) or perhaps on-line auctions. I just make sure I keep in direct contact with my bag at all times in such places and take it to the loo with me.

    It's the same with wearing a nice watch or having a new phone etc, you can't let fear rule your life on the other hand if some stranger asks you for the time outside a station just mumble any old time and don't look at your watch or mobile phone.