Safest way to pay UK seller/how should she ship to US?

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  1. She accepts paypal (yay!) - so I was going to put the entire balance on my AMEX card as it's a significant purchase, and pay thru paypal. Would that protect my purchase should anything happen to it in transit or if god forbid something isn't right with it?

    also how is Parcel Force shipping? Is this the safest way to ship or should I request another delivery service. I'm wondering if Parcel Force is the most reasonable pricewise? How does customs work, does she list the value I paid for the item thru ebay?

    If someone could fill me in I'd greatly appreciate it. Just want it all to run smoothly!
  2. I am not sure if it might help or not. I bought something which price is 400 Euro from UK dealer. He sent it by the Fedex and there is no problem with custom.
  3. I think the best way to pay for a purchase is with 100% credit card funds rather than $ lying idle in paypal. That way you can do a chargeback should anything go wrong rather than wait out Paypal's delays in the refund process.

    As long as item is shipped with tracking AND full insurance, you have nothing to worry about.