safest way of paying if not paypal on ebay?

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  1. just wondering, some US sellers dont accept paypal from internationals eg UK, but isnt that the safest way to pay for us? e.g money orders bidpay westeren union? never used these but are they safe?

  2. Not sure what other people think but I won't buy from Ebayers who don't take Paypal. I want to be able to file a claim and get my money back if things go wrong. That limits my shopping but I always find what I want in the end.

    Not sure about US stores but won't they take your credit card?
  3. eBay recommends that you don't use Western Union/bank transfer etc to pay for goods, unless you totally trust the person you're sending the money to!
    So with regards to eBay, that would be very sketchy indeed!
    I agree with Jenova, i wouldn't buy anything (especially International) unless they accepted Paypal.:yes:
  4. I also agree. :yes:

    It's Paypal, or nothing, for me too.
  5. PS - Not sure you can get International Money Orders in the UK now anyway. I tried a couple of years ago, when buying a bracelet, and failed.
  6. Hi! I've used bidpay before as a buyer and it worked quite well. I think though not a lot of eBay sellers offer it, although if they compared it to paypal, it appears to offer better protection to them. Happy shopping (whatever means of payment you use:yes:)!
  7. Definately Pay Pal or nothing here - I have even offered to pay the fees that way if something goes wrong I can make a claim. I hope.
  8. Why wouldn't US sellers accept Paypal from UK buyers since you can get your address confirmed by Paypal in the UK?

    It's buyers that live outside the US, UK and Canada that are disadvantaged. :crybaby:

    But I too won't buy unless the seller accepted Paypal...which is kind of stupid, because as I seller I refused to accept paypal! And that's because they don't protect me as a seller!!! As a buyer, I have my credit card company to protect me. I wouldn't trust paypal as far as I can throw them...
  9. Paypal or nothing for me also....
  10. Bidpay also provides protection for buyers, but it has better protection for sellers.
  11. I accept Google checkout, its safe and secure. The seller never gets your card information and its the same as if you used the card at a store. Sellers are protected from chargebacks up to $10,000 per year and buyers have security as well because they can file a claim w/ their credit card as well if something goes wrong.
  12. I will never send a money order to any seller again. Last year I used a money order to purchase an expensive LV bag and lo and behold, I never got the bag. I finally tracked down my thief (who stole someone's identity to sell on eBay) but I still don't have my money back. So I'd agree, paypal or nothing.
  13. Wow, that's horrible Lori! I'm sorry that happened to you. I know some people despise PayPal so much that they don't accept them, but I never realized how much of a chance one takes by paying with a money order. My dad typically just buys on Ebay and he HATES PayPal so much that he prefers to buy from sellers who accept personal checks. He says he has no problem with the seller wanting to wait 10 days for the check to clear. Luckily he has never had a problem, but he mostly buys from coin dealers who are in the U.S. What's ironic is that I think the only time he got burned was when he did pay with PayPal, but that is not the norm.
  14. As a seller, with all the horror stories going on about fraudulent chargebacks, I am almost tempted to say US Postal Money Orders only--because I only ship to US locations anyway. I am disturbed that sellers of authentic goods are getting burned by stolen credit card chargebacks all the time now.:smile:
  15. I'm with most of the others, I wouldn't dream of paying with anything other than Paypal. To start with I've never bought anything over $200 from Ebay, and I'm not likely to. If I've got that kind of money to throw around I might as well spend the little extra it costs to buy it brand new from an actual store. There's a limit to how much I am willing to risk on Ebay, I know there are great authentication services out there and Paypal offers protection and all, but at the end of the day it's still a gamble.