Safest payment method for a buyer?

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  1. I've been reading the threads and it seems almost all US buyers won't ship overseas to unconfirmed addresses via paypal because they aren't covered if something goes wrong.
    As a buyer (I've never sold) I only use paypal because I have protection, but my address is unconfirmed because I'm in Australia.
    What is the best payment method so that I am covered if something goes wrong and the seller isn't out of pocket?
    I can only think of purchasing insurance no matter what method, but is that the only way?
  2. postal insurance, i think. :yes:
  3. also, i heard power sellers are covered even if they sell to unconfirmed addresses. i've so far not had many problems with sellers refusing to sell their item to me. only a handful.
  4. I only use paypal as I dont think insurance would help you much if you run into dishonest seller.

    I also think insurance is for sellers protection, not really for buyers, right?
  5. yeh, insurance is supposed to be the seller's responsibility. but many sellers want buyers to foot the insurance. :tdown: i guess this misleads many buyers into thinking that they're the ones who have to bother with it.
  6. If the seller does not accept Paypal and you need to pay with other forms of payment, then the insurance is there to protect the buyer. USPS insurance is rather cheap and IMO the fairest way is to split the cost 50-50. Most of the time it won't be more than $2-3 extra.
  7. I make international purchases all the time and there are plenty of great US sellers who are prepared to sell international even without the confirmed address. Many who state that they wont sell will if you contact them first - I guess that gives them an opportunity to look at your feedback, purchasing history etc. If I cant make international payments using paypal I look to a different seller for the item, as I am entitled to some protection as well. Also, even though it is really the seller's responsibility, I always make sure the item is sent fully insured.:smile:
  8. Paypal is the only safe way to pay, and with a creditcard. Most of the other methods aren't traceable for a start, and you have no recourse such as chargebacks.
  9. Best way to pay is through paypal with a credit card since it's easier to reverse a charge with your credit card than deal with paypal sometimes.
  10. Most of the things I buy is from international sellers too, but it seems with the new system more seller's are reluctant to sell to overseas?
    Is it possible to do chargebacks in Aust? The more threads I read about ebay, the more paranoid I get, lol, I didn't know there was so much more to it..
  11. I use paypal too for paying though I don't recommend it as safest payment method, no other choice left.