'Safer' credit card company for eBay buys?

  1. Is there a 'safer' credit card company for eBay purchases? I have been reading some of you guys use Amex because they are 'better' at handling charge backs with cases you bought fakes, etc. Is Visa nor Mastercard not good enough? Or does it depends on the Bank that is issues the credit cards...?
  2. I find that American Express works better for me as they have a better philosophy "working for their customers" than Visa or MC but then again I pay yearly for that platinium card to. When I used Visa to pay for a purchase and had a problem I felt like I was the one that had to prove to them that my purchase was unacceptable. Did not like the attitude from them or the endless amount of paperwork that I had to fill out. American Express- no paperwork and good follow through. That is just my experience.:flowers:
  3. Another vote for Amex. No questions asked, and I was credited right away.
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  6. I've had good experiences with chargebacks when I use my mastercard. Visa, on the other hand is hell. I recieved a fake purse one time and called my Visa card to dispute it and they told me they would give me a temporary chargeback, and never did! Whenever I disputed a charge with my mastercard, they would give me the temporary chargeback immediately!