Safely Neg after winning NPB dispute?

  1. I just closed an unpaid item dispute after 7 days of no contact and eBay already credited my FVF.

    I have heard stated before that I can now neg the buyer without fear of retaliation? Just making sure.
  2. I thought I read somewhere on eBay that you can't leave feedback for an item that wasn't paid for, but also, she/he can't leave any for you. However, the person that was supposed to pay will have an unpaid item strike on their account, and I believe after 2 of those, their account will be frozen.
  3. I'm going thru a similar situation, so wish me luck!
  4. This just happened to me today. You can neg your non paying buyer without fear of retaliation. If they neg you back, eBay will remove their neg that they left for you, and they will add in their own note saying why they removed it. In my case, they said that the buyer never responded to the unpaid item notification. It doesn't affect your total score.

    Also, since my buyer had zero feedback to begin with, she was also removed from eBay. Yea!
  5. As long as they did not respond you can leave a negative without fear of retaliation!
  6. Agree with Lori, eBay will remove if NPB leave you neg. Just leave him neg to prevent other trustworthy sellers from NPB such him :push:
  7. If they do not respond to the NPB report, they can try to neg you but eBay will change the neg to a neutral - it will not affect your rating. Their comment stays, but underneath the comment eBay will put an explanation that the buyer did not respond to the NPB report.:yes:
  8. Yes, the buyer didn't respond to the NPB dispute the entire time.
  9. Mine doesn't show up as a neutral -- there's just a blank spot and it didn't count as a neutral in my overall score.

    It's annoying to have their comment in there at all, though.
  10. In addition to the negative you left them, it's always good to reply to your original Non Paying Bidder negative that they also tried to neg your account after not paying. That way other sellers know that the person is not trustworthy.

    e.g. After the dispute is closed I leave negative feedback simply stating: Non Paying Bidder.

    If they try and leave me a negative, after it is removed from my profile by eBAY, I respond to the original neg I left on their account that says: Sellers Beware, NPB tried to leave retaliatory neg feedback.
  11. How do I respond to the neg feedback that they left me? I couldn't figure it out.
  12. Yes Lori - this is my understanding, too. I've left neg. FB for non-paying bidders before without getting any in return (thank goodness!).
  13. hmm, new development: the buyer just paid! No email communication or explanations at all, just paypal payment. Today is the 9th day after I filed NPB, and 16 days after auction closed. I suspect he got scared by the NPB strike.

    I immediately refunded and pointed out that the item is no longer available for sale to him. (I already made second chance offer yesterday).

    I haven't negged yet. Does this change anything?
  14. It doesn't change anything as it was after the grace period.
  15. Hi Lori, In your My Ebay Screen click on your feedback number. Then click on Feedback Forum. (it's not very noticiable and it's in a small font) Then click on Follow up to Feedback left. If you have their ID handy, you can just put it in your search box. This follow-up feature is good to warn other sellers.