Safely Buying at Ebay or Bonanzle?


Jul 26, 2009
I'm a newbie here but have been a Coachie for a while now and am obsessed like many others here. I see all the posts for great finds on ebay and Bonanzle and am wondering how you know for sure that these are real before you buy. I know just the basics for identifying real vs. fakes but with all the new lines and styles, it's getting harder and harder. How do you keep up and learn all there is to know?

Also, how do they name their lines? I've been puzzled about this for a while now and just don't understand. I originally thought each new named line was just one style/shape/pattern but it's obvious that it doesn't work that way. Can someone explain?


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Mar 10, 2008
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First of all, welcome to TPF! :welcome:

Your best bet is to post a link/pics of any bag you're considering in the "Authenticate This" thread, the gals there are fantastic at rooting out fakes. There are clues here and there that will clue you in on a bag's authenticity, like alignment of the 'C's, pleather material, lining, hardware stamping, etc. I would just spend some time browsing through the bad fakes & authenticate thread to pick up on what to look for.

Also, there really is no rhyme or reason to Coach's naming & color system. At least, not one that most of us here can figure out. They've used the same color name for different shades, and the same name for bags that well, aren't the same thing. :shrugs:


Jul 26, 2007
I agree with NorthStar. You need to link the auction to the authenticate this thread. These girls are excellent at telling the authentic from the fakes. Not only do you look at the bag, but previous auctions, feedback, seller ratings, etc.

As far as naming bags, I think a lot of them are older styles that get revamped and reintroduced.


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Apr 27, 2009
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Yes, :welcome2:

I am also relatively new to Ebay and Bonanzle but I have purchased many items from them.. This is what I do I post the item in Authentica This and when I say item I mean ever thing from wallets, wristlets, shoes to Fob/Lanyard.

I also try and research the the item if it has the creed I pull it up on the web.

After all that I hope for the best. I have been very lucky, knock on wood, so far I have never bought a fake...


Feb 23, 2009
Welcome to TPF! I agree, your best bet is to post on the Authenticate This Coach thread and get in put from the experts there before you bid on an item. Also, look at the seller's feedback, including looking the seller up on which includes negative feedback that was removed. I've bought a few Coach bags on *bay, my general rule is if anything makes me nervous, I pass on the bag and wait for another one. Also, if you're anywhere near an outlet, that can be a great way to get an authentic bag at a fabulous price. GL!