Safe Workbag?

  1. This is just a hypothetical question since I don't have most of these bags yet. But let's say you work at a bank and you're an analyst and don't have your own office. You have the following bags: Birkin 30cm, Kelly 28cm (or 32cm), Trim 31cm (or the next size down but bigger than 24cm), and Bolide 31cm. All of these bags are in ostrich and these are the ONLY bags you own. WHICH bag is a "safe" bag to bring to work if you want to advance and get a raise?

    At the moment I know Birkin and Kelly are out. I didn't get a raise because of that Kelly (I'm VERY sure that's the case, since I did pretty well last quarter) and Birkins are probably even more well known nowadays. So that leaves me Bolide and Trim ... I'm GUESSING Trim may be a safer bet simply because ppl may confuse the Bolide with LV?
  2. Oh my kou...I've had the same question for a long time. When I was working at a CPA office I wore my Bolide and Trim. I told the boss about Hermes at the time and wish I didn't. My sister-in-law wears her Prada to work as an accountant. I wish she wore her Kelly or Bolide.

    If celebrities didn't wear these bags and the magazines weren't filled with Kellys and Bolides it would be easier!!

    I would love to have a job and not feel ashamed or threatened about getting a raise and wear Hermes and Chanel.
  3. I was even thinking about keeping the Kelly/Birkin in my car or trunk and then swaping bags after work!!
  4. Are you at an investment bank? I cannot believe they would hold back your bonuses due to a bag! I'd say a Trim would be the safest bet in that sort of environment.
  5. It's an industrial bank. I'm on fixed salary so regardless of how many deals I settle and how much the deals are, I get paid the same. So the only way to make more money is counting on the annual raise (which is at most 5%) as I don't get bonuses (unless you count the $100 I got during the holidays as a bonus). The ladies at this place do not carry Hermes, the guys don't even wear Hermes ties. The most expensive brand I saw being carried here is Louis Vuitton (I spotted a monogram Alma and a monogram Cabas Piano) and the majority of bags are either Coach or Dooney & Bourke (although I did spot 1 Versace and 1 Burberry in passing). Therefore, I basically can't carry anything higher than Louis Vuitton, but even then I cannot carry Louis Vuitton (even if I have one) because everyone knows what it is. I'm also thinking the Trim is a safer bet because there're so many other brands out there who copies the Trim's style. I just need to figure out what size I want it in ...
  6. I say you're fine with a Trim or Bolide. :smile: They are both so simple and understated that most people will not recognize their credentials!
  7. Hmmmm, I agree on the Trim. Understated and doesn't scream Hermes.

  8. Ohh I see! Well it seems like you are a great worker, it sucks that you can't reward yourself and wear what you're comfortable with at the office :rant: I think a Trim would be lovely though. I worked at an i bank before and the atmosphere is soooo boss left for Paris and all the male associates were begging her to bring them back Hermes ties! :smile:
  9. I have the same problem Kou, I bring in a black nylon Prada bag with me. I think the Trim would be great for work :smile:
  10. I would go with the Trim as well. Classy, understated and gorgeous. :yes:
  11. Kou another option I was thinking about is the Bottega Ball bag- I just preordered one for myself for work.
  12. Does it come in pink?

    Argh, did that sound predictable?
  13. I don't know...I think the Bolide is better than the Trim. The Trim has the nice hardware and someone who doesn't know would think Gucci...I feel like the Bolide is more understated. I think with an Ostrich Birkin or Kelly you're screwed...use a Ziplock :lol: Leather Birkin or Kelly you might squeek by, but a femal boss seeing an Ostrich Birkin, I think it would read as, "I don't need this"
  14. Kou, I can definately relate as it's the same at my office. My one and only precious kelly is tucked away only to be brought out for special occasions.
  15. Honestly, with the way your situation sounds you might only want to carry a bolide. Even though a Trim doesn't scream Hermes, for some it screams Gucci because it looks like one of Gucci's classic bags. So you would still be in a bit of a bind because people would still think you were carrying a very high end designer.

    ON another note: was it actually stated to you that you didn't get the raise because of that? This sounds kind of illegal/fishy..whatever is going on.