Safe to ship US-to-Canada using buyer's UPS account#?


Feb 6, 2009
Hi, I tried to search in this forum for this info, but only saw similar questions on FedEx accounts, so I hope I'm not repeating a thread...

A potential bidder has asked if I would be willing to ship an item from US to Canada using her UPS account # at no cost to myself -- is this safe (assuming the address is paypal confirmed)? My listing states that I only ship USPS Express mail Int'l, but I am willing to do this, I just want to make sure it is OK since I haven't been having very much luck on *bay lately.

Thanks in advance! EQ


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Oct 27, 2007
Well, most don't want UPS internationally because of brokerage fees
here is the potential downfall I see.

If the package is lost, they could file the UPS claim and a Paypal claim leaving you with nothing! You have no recourse cause you didn't pay UPS and you don't have proof of delivery for Paypal.
Dec 30, 2007
Most Canadian buyers avoid UPS international shipments like the plague and would much rather a seller use USPS. If this buyer has an account with UPS, I am guessing she has a different arrangement for the hateful brokerage fees that UPS charges. Assuming her Paypal address is confirmed and assuming that UPS will provide you with tracking and signature confirmation (if required), I don't see that there is any additional risk to you.