Safe to send buyer's item to UPS location?

  1. I just sold my Bal bag!! :yahoo: But the weird thing is that the buyer is rebuilding her house, and she is having all her eBay purchases sent to the UPS store. I checked the Paypal address, and it matches 100% with a UPS store located in her city and state. She has many recent purchases, 100% feedback of 60. So the question is, would it be safe to send her item to the UPS store? Should I give UPS a call and ask if she's been having her packages forwarded there? TIA!!!
  2. I think that you could call and see, just to make sure. My sister has a rental property and does not want her renter to have her home address, so she has the rent check sent to a UPS store. Her hubby is in pest control and has his supplies sent to the UPS store (something about it being illegal to send chemicals to a household).
  3. I was self-employed out of my home for many years, and needed a 'business' address, so I rented a mailbox at what was then Mailboxes, Etc. and was bought out by the UPS Stores, Inc. So yes, it's perfectly fine. In fact, it's terrific - guaranteed somebody there will sign for the package and be a witness that it was received if anything should go wrong ... And it's far more secure than being sent to a home, IMO.
  4. Thank you both for your input!!! :biggrin: I feel much more reassured!!