Safe to put white Shoes Cream on White handbag?

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  1. I have a white Cole Haan handbag that turns to a greyish color. :sad: Some leather has rubbed off or scratched off. The color is not a bright white like it used to be. It just look disgusting! Do you think it's safe to use white Leather shoes cream on white handbag? Do you think the white shoe polish will rub off on my hands? What do you think? Anyone have experience with it? Thanks
  2. boy, i wouldn't do it. i'd call cole haan & see what they recommend...perhaps they could send it in for repair/cleaning. i think you're asking for trouble. worst case, you're going to lose the gorgeous white you probably had originally on the bag, and gain a weird, shoe-polish-white bag. not cute, IMO.
  3. ^^^just what I was thinking...good luck finding something that will work.