Safe to buy from Fashiophile?

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  1. They don’t have great reviews or a good bbb rating but their bags and prices are ok. Any advice/experience?
  2. There's a couple threads on Fashionphile. A couple users in old threads (pre-2015) have stated they've received fakes from Fashionphile. I think there's always a risk of a super fake going through, but Fashionphile does have a relatively good reputation. This is in contract to something The Real Real, which has a less stellar reputation.

    For example, this thread on this in the eBay forums:

    This thread:
  3. Fashionphile has a lifetime authenticity guarantee which gives me peace of mind. Also I’ve experienced good customer service when dealing with them in the past.
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  4. My experiences, although not a lot of them, have been great in dealing with Fashionphile.
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  5. I love Fashionphile, I've sold to them and purchased from them.
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  6. thanks everyone!! great news for my collection- bad news for my bank account lolll :biggrin:
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  7. I too have had great experiences with Fashionphile. I feel their descriptions are more detailed, and their photos's also show more detail (than RealReal). I think their prices are higher, but I place value on the ability to be able to return it in 30 days ( Fashionphile) if I am not 100% sure. that gives you the chance to really study the bag with no pressure in your own home- then you can make the decision. The bags I have purchaesd has been perfect/ as described. In one instance, I think Fashionphile gave the bag I bought a lower rating than what I would have! And I am very picky! And returns are fast and simple. I do wish RealReal coould work out a way to offer the same return flexibility on bags. That being said, the bag I did buy was AMAZING! I took the plunge because the price was reasonable, and I was thinking I could at least make back the money if I wasnt happy. the bag was perfect- I mean boutique perfect! you need to really know alot about the bag you are buying.
    Good luck
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  8. Fashionfile is awesome. If you are concerned, just have it authenticated.
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  9. I've sold 80% of my bags through Fashionphile. They have been responsive and professional. I recommend them. I cannot attest to fakes, but I'm sure these slip through all vendors from time-to-time.
  10. Absolutely LOVE FP. Their San Diego location is not far from me, and they are extremely professional. Anything I have bought is even better than described. No authenticity issues so far...I have only used them for some Chanel purchases.
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  11. SO have I, I was burned one time selling to a scammer on eBay and since them it's only Fashionphile. They are quick, professional, and pay quick. They describe their items in detail and if you are not happy you can send it back. I love them.
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