Safe Stain Removal for Leather?


Jun 15, 2009
Houston, TX
I purchased a lt. gray leather sabrina from ebay and to my disapointment, the bag arrived with a slight stain on the front - like something had been spilled on the bag. It's very faint, hardly noticable but a stain nonetheless.

The bag was purchased in "like-new" pre-loved condition but nowhere in the listing was there any mention of a stain/soil of any type. I haven't contacted the seller yet, before I do, need to decide what I want the seller to do...I'd really love the bag and feel I got a fair price, but the stain..that wasn't expected.

Is there anything I can try on the stain that is safe on the madison leather? I gave it a good rub-down with apple conditioner 2x already and nothing has really changed. It appears to be some type of dairy stain (if I had to guess.)


Rehabbing Coach since 2010
Apr 21, 2009
if it is oil based, I hear that corn starch applications help........