Safe skincare during prenancy?

  1. I have had not-so-perfect skin throughout my late teens and 20s and have finally found a couple of products that work for me - proactiv and tea tree oil (from the body shop). But I just found out that I'm pregnant (woohoo!) and I'm wondering if these products are safe to use still. I think I've read that tea tree oil might not be. I know it's best to check with a doctor and I of course will, but I'm wondering if any of you have any info to share on this topic, including safe skincare that has worked for you during those 9, hormone-filled months! Thanks!
  2. First of all congratulations! I ended up switching a lot of skincare products during pregnancy since my skin went nuts in my first trimester and was the worst it's ever been. The babycenter reference on skincare for pregnancy it is pretty good:
    There's another good one that's a document from a medical center that I used to reference a lot, but I can't find it now. It was great because it was very down to earth about the amount you'd get from topical exposure, etc.

    In terms of the specifics you're asking about, I don't know about tea tree oil. I checked the ingredients in Proactiv just now, and I think it might be OK, since glycolic acid and benzoyl peroxide are both considered safe during pregnancy -- they're two of the recommended acne remedies for pregnant women. I would print out the ingredients and show them to your OB/GYN to be sure in case there's something else lurking in there.

    A couple of specific lines for pregnancy that I tried were Belli maternity and Basq, primarily for cleansers. Of the two, I preferred Belli. The wash smelled nice and worked OK. Basq's cleanser had a heavier and what I perceived as greasier texture -- sort of like what I remember Noxema being from my teenage years, but with exfoliating grains in it. I also got a Peter Thomas Roth benzoyl peroxide product, but the smell grossed me out. Things that exfoliate manually, with small grains, are also good. I finally settled on Awake's Deep Purity gel cream wash (from since it was AHA based (also considered safe) and didn't give me dry flaky patches like every other AHA product I've ever used. It seems to work well, though it's a wee bit drying. For moisturizer, I primarily use ESPA's balancing oil.

    To be honest, what helped my skin the most was going on vacation in the sun. I went to the Mediterranean coast of Turkey for three weeks at the end of my first trimester/beginning of second, and it really cleared my skin up.
  3. Thanks for the great advice kimberf! Hmmm, that vacation thing sounds pretty good...wonder how I can get some time off..:graucho:
  4. Congrats on the pregnancy. I unfortunately do not have any advise other then to reiterate what kimber suggested.
  5. I was on Retin-A Micro topical before I was pregnant. Of course I had to stop that. I thought it was going to be a nightmare and asked my dermatologist for anything that is baby-safe that would help even in the slightest... he gave me erythromycin pads. Amazingly, they have kept my problems at bay. I ok'd it with my OBGYN first of course! But since I'm not breastfeeding I'm going right back to Retin-A after the birth because I loved how smooth it made my skin... and it prevents wrinkles ;) So I use a burts bees soap that I get that takes off all my makeup better than anything I've ever used and then use a erythromycin pad after. Hope you can find something that helps!
  6. My skin changed a lot each time I was pregnant, though this last pregnancy was the best it has ever been (baby girl this time - maybe there is some truth to that after all). I did become sensitive to certain skin care products though.
    I used Fresh cucumber foaming cleanser throughout my pregnancy followed by Chanetecaille's Biodynamic Lifting Fluid for day and Cream for night. None of these products have retinols and Chantecaille says they are safe for use in pregnancy (I checked the ingredients myself as well and couldn't spot anything harmful). They are pretty pricey but I still spent less than my previous pregnancies where I was changing skincare regimens every couple of weeks. I actually managed to cut a lot out of my skincare and make-up routine. It was just "cleanse, moisturize then apply tinted moisturizer" for the whole 9 months:smile:

    Awake makes some really good skin care products that are safe to use in pregnancy, as does Paul & Joe.
  7. I've heard good things about a new line that just came out a few months ago that is called Novena. The website is Not sure what if you're looking for a cleanser, moisturizer etc. but of friend of mine is currently on this line of products and has nothing but great reviews for it.
  8. I used Origins products
  9. As far as I know it's best not to use essential oils, like tea tree oil, during pregnancy. Do check with your dr what is safe to use, but unfortunately not all drs know what is safe for the skin during pregnancy (like my OBGYN).