safe leaving your social security number with paypal?

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  1. I am trying to remove the $500 tranfer limit from payapl and they are asking for my social security number. Would you feel safe giving it to them? thanks!
  2. No way. Why do they need that?
  3. hm.... thats strange....
    i dont remember having to do that.....
  4. Funny - I just heard a thing on the radio about this. YOU NEVER give your soc. sec. # to anyone but an employer or the BANK. Just b/c of what I heard, don't do it!
  5. I would be careful as well.

    There are a lot of Paypal spoof e-mails that get sent out asking for ss# and other important information - I would go to the official Paypal site and send an e-mail to them asking if that is a legitimate e-mail. They will get back to you right away (most of the time).

    Don't give any information right now - wait to hear back from Paypal. Don't click on the e-mail link to Paypal either - a lot of times the scammers set up a site that looks exactly Paypal and people leave their information and they have all they need to get credit cards, ID theft, etc.
  6. If lifting the limit is what you want to do, I received the same message from them within PayPal, when I tried to withdraw funds-if I remember correctly, you have a choice-either give them the SS# or (b) which I do not remember. If you received the message the same way I did (going into PayPal from ebay, etc) then you have a choice.
  7. I actually signed into paypal so it's no spoof. It's the only way to lift the $500.00 a month transfer limit if you sell on ebay. I HATE giving my SS# to anyone, but I have sold a few things on ebay recently I would like to transfer all of it versus just $500. a month.
  8. The other option wasn't working for me though....I guess I could call them, but it seems like so much work!
  9. I don't remember what (b) was, but I remember thinking what a hassle or something along those lines. As PayPal is a bank, if you're verified they link to your bank which does have your SS#, I crossed my fingers and thought about it for a day, then went ahead and sent the #. Knock wood, so far so good. I do remember thinking that it was yet another instance of them basically having you over a barrel-
  10. yeah, I don't really trust Pay Pal that much or ebay for that matter, but until something better comes along, it is the best way to sell your items... I'm going to think about it some more before I decide....glad it worked out okay for you!