safari Issues

  1. Is anyone else using Safari and having problems lately?

    Sometimes it is very slow loading pages (but not on any other websites), and about once a day I get a white screen with the message saying I can't connect to the page because the server is busy or the server dropped me. I don't get this on any other websites that I frequent!
  2. AOL (aka: AOHELL) has been doing this to me for well over a month now. Not as much a problem on Internet Destroyer though.
  3. LOL....yea I refuse to download any Microsoft-associated internet I wouldn't even try IE. Oh well, maybe it'll straighten out.

    I just a major Apple update just now so maybe that'll straighten things out. Just weird that it is only this site that it happens to.
  4. YESS! tPF loads about 10% of the time. I keep getting a message saying safari can't access the server the purse forum and it may become available later.
  5. i have noticed that as well. this AM it kept saying that it was not able to find the server. i waited about 20min then it worked.
  6. Phew....I'm not alone then! I kept thinking it was me!