my RM matinee today - not loving it

  1. I was so excited to finally get a matinee in elephant (good deal at Luna Boston) but when it arrived today I found out is HUGE!! I checked the measurements, compared them to some of my other bags, did plenty of reseach here looking at pics, etc and thought that it would be fine. But to me it seems really enormous! And I don't shy away from big bags, even though I am somewhat petite. Maybe it's the stiffer elephant leather???

    To all of you matinee owners (or those who have seen them IRL) - are the other colors (dark gray perhaps...) so much smooshier that they make the bag look smaller? I feel like I am carrying a suitcase with this one! And how do the sizes of the MA and MAM really compare to the matinee? I can't decide if I should exchange it for a different color or just give up on the matinee and get a different RM (or wait until new colors come out).

    What's a girl to do? :crybaby:
  2. I have owned both the matinee and RM MAM in glazed esspresso and I can say that the MAM (Morning after Mini) was a bit smaller and more maneagable although I am not a big bag lover either and I didn't find the matinee too big so maybe it IS the leather?? Anyone else?
  3. I'm sorry your aren't loving it! I have two matinees and love them. I am also fairly petite at 5'4" and 110 or so. It is a fairly large bag, but I love the organization and shape of it. I have the black and chocolate. I have heard the elephant is a stiffer leather, so maybe it is just that leather? Someone else may know. I will try to post some modeling pics tomorrow if that may help.

    Either way though, no harm in not loving it. Just leaves room for another!

  4. Belle,

    The elephant Matinee is the reason I stated in the other post "I'm not crazy about the Matinee"
    My friend bought it and I found it very stiff..could do some serious damage if you decided to bop someone on the head with it! Maybe that's why it's called elephant because it's as tough as the skin on an elephant;) Seriously,I did hear it softens up in time.But it is not for me! I love soft leather. That's why I'm in love with my Night Blue Nikki!!! Soft & squishy!!

  5. i've been deciding between 3 RM bags...the nikki, mam and the matinee...i love the look of the matinee and love the organizational pockets...i saw the elephant color and was actually advised against it in this forum...people had said that it scratches very easily...i haven't seen the color irl, just on a website...
  6. The elephant is not the best color on this bag, IMO. I had the same bag and returned it.

    Also, I prefer the MA to the matinee.

    If I were you I'd try on another style bag, maybe the MA or MA mini, in another color before giving up on RM. :smile:
  7. I have a dark gray Matinee and never thought of it as a big bag. Just assumed it was medium sized. The leather IS very smooshy, though.
  8. If you felt like the Matinee was to big then I would suggest you try the RM Mini. The regular size MA is probably the same in length as the Matinee but taller, does that make sense? As for if there are any other leathers that may make the bag look "smaller", IMO all the Matinee's are the same size. I have a Glazed Expresso and Grey Matinee and although the leathers are different - there isn't a difference in the size.
  9. don't love the matinee the MAM
  10. I think the color and smooshiness or stiffness of the leather has a lot to do with how big the RM bags look. I became very interested in the Matinee after seeing the smooshy dark gray and wine versions. Later, I came across the elephant, berry and eggplant versions and was surprised when I looked closer at them that they were also RM Matinee's. They just looked like *big* bags, whereas the other colors hadn't seemed so overwhelming.

    Same thing for the MA bags. I ordered a caramel without having seen the bags in person. Then, before it even arrived, I saw several MAs IRL and was really afraid my bag would be to big. But it seemed perfect in the color I ordered.
  11. bagdemon, does the caramel look like the saddle? i'm getting the saddle one on monday....
  12. My dark blue matinee is very smooshy and does not look big at all.
  13. Yes, it is pretty close to the saddle color. The caramel is a little darker in color and a crinkly. slightly textured leather, but otherwise they're quite similar. I'll try and post pics this weekend if I can dig up my camera. The saddle leather (from what I recall after fondling it extensively at lunaboston and then reluctantly convincing myself that I did NOT need 2 nearly identical bags) is super soft, smooth and delectable. I'm sure you'll enjoy your new arrival!!!!
  14. yes, modeling pics please everyone! i am semi-considering trying the matinee in dark or light gray (light is at funkylala = no discount :tdown:) to see if the leather does make a difference.
  15. thanks bagdemon! it's taken me so long to decide between the mam and the matinee and it sounds like i'm going to love the matinee!!