Sadly… (sorry, a bit long)

  1. The beautiful ombre tote was not for me… “sniff” …

    I did not love it in person as much as I did in the picture. It is almost all green (regent) with much less ombre effect, is smaller than I thought based on the measurements, is in stiffer leather (calf I believe), and has a zipped divider.

    The SA who called me wasn’t in, which I knew. The boutique was rather crowded and no one could help me for quite a while. I finally walked to an SA at the cashier for help but she couldn’t locate the bag the other SA set aside for me. She took the other one from the shelf and I said to myself, “No, this is not the one I was waiting for…!!!” It’s still a beautiful bag I must say, just not what I thought it would be.

    I was so disappointed that everything else I tried didn’t look good (on me) either, and I left the boutique with no BV.:crybaby:

    So I moped around for two days, and now ready for another try.:yes: I liked the new shopper and apparently that style comes in ombre regent as well, though it will be the same stiffer leather, with a divider, and there’s none in the US. Well, my quest for my first BV continues. Maybe I come across with it when I visit Tokyo next month.;)
  2. I'm so sorry to hear that Mid, I know what it's like to have your heart set on something and then be disappointed by the realit...:crybaby:but I am confident your perfect BV will find you soon. I think the shopper is a good choice!:yes:
  3. It's so tough when you are anticipating something you've only seen in pictures and it's not at all what you were expecting when you see it IRL. I'm always worried about that when I finally make it to a BV boutique; in the past the same thing would happen to me...big let down when I finally saw my coveted bag, leave emptyhanded because I'm so disappointed. Now when I go to BV, I have my main bag in mind, but also a few back up ones in mind in case things don't work out perfectly. It does help to have a good SA who is attentive and will bring out a variety of similar items when she sees you are not enamored of the original bag you came in to see. Hope your second try is successful!
  4. you'll find a bag that you really love...just be patient...
  5. I feel for you mid I really do, I went to BV today to check out Ferro IRL and found it to be very dissapointing, not very metallic at all and more of a dull dark grey especially next to the brighter colours BV does. Don't worry another great bag that you love will come along soon.:yes:
  6. Thank you so much valkyrie360, ouija board, gglvs2shop, and Syma!! I knew only tPFers would understand how it feels, but your kind comments brought me tears... I was so down in the dumps yesterday that I couldn't even post about this.

    ouija board, I agree with you about having a good SA. Getting an SA whose personality and style fit my needs would mean a lot. The SA I had was nice but rather businesslike while I probably needed someone really cheerful and encouraging. I had the Camapana in mind as a back up as I had already tried it on and loved it, but it didn't look nice at all last Friday!!

    Syma, I'm sorry that Ferro didn't work for you. I thought BV items always look better in person than in pictures, but I guess that's not always the case. I'm lucky to have a boutique near by.
  7. Oh Mid-, I`m so sorry to hear that. The minute I saw your thread I knew it was about the ombré tote you were anticipating for so long.

    Well, looks as if the bag just wasn`t meant for you, but there are still a lot of gorgeous Bottegas out there and I`m sure, you`ll find something in Japan that will remind you of the trip!

    A classic piece might be a good suggestion for you and I would definitely give the Campana another try. You were just disappointed and nothing could have cheered you up unless the real life version of the bag you had imagined, but you`ll get over it eventually and might see the Campana from another angle!
  8. Ohhhh, I'm so sorry to hear you were so upset! I agree with C_24, give the campana another try! Have you seen it in plain black leather (can't remember what it's called)? I think it"s spectacular! Of course it's gorgeous in the weave as well!

    You know, I had one of those days last week as well. of course it was my time of month so absolutely NOTHING fit and I was quite distressed (and crampy to boot -- yuck) But yesterday, it was like the veil lifted, the waters subsided (so to speak) and things were back to normal. Take heart, we all go there from time to time -- sounds like you just need to wait a few days and go back and court that campana -- this time with a kinder, gentler SA!:flowers:
  9. I'm sorry to hear about your disappointment, Mid-. We can all relate! There are so many lovely styles to choose from, and the Campana is soft, feminine and beautiful - it might delight you again on your next visit, when you're in higher spirits. It comes in a pretty green this season, too.
  10. So sorry to hear Mid-. But I thoroughly commend you for following your instinct/judgement and not get caught up in the adreline rush of having to return home with a BV. The next perfect BV will come along soon - your patience will pay off!
  11. Thank you guys, I really appreciate you kind words.:flowers:

    Oh C_24, you are so right about "nothing could have cheered you up unless the real life version of the bag you had imagined"!! I know I will find my BV in the near future.

    valkyrie360, as a matter of fact it was one of those days, but I didn't even think about it until you mentioned it, thanks!!

    bete_noire, I saw the campana in the green and the salmon(favorite?corallo?) too, and I liked them both.

    myindulgence, thank you!! I'm also glad that I just didn't grab whatever. Ah, I can't wait to see the perfect BV for me!!
  12. The bag for you will be there some day. It's hard when reality doesn't match our expectations. Sounds like a bad day in the shop, too. That will turn me off. Maybe it gets busy sometimes, but the Chicago BV store is always nearly empty! So I get all the attention I want lol!

    We feel for you, but you really did the right thing--it wasn't the bag for you and you didn't make a costly mistake. That's a good thing.
  13. Mid-, I'm sorry about what happened but that only means that something better is coming your way...
  14. Don't be disheartened, Mid-! There's a perfect BV bag waiting for you out there. You just hafta find it! :yes: Besides, Tokyo would be a fabulous place for you to pick up your first BV - don't know if they're still available, but the limited edition Ginza bag would be awesome! :graucho:
  15. oh yea-when you go to Tokyo, I am sure they have bags there that they dont sell in other countries. So i am sure you will score something else that you may love! good luck and have fun in Japan!