Sadly... coach is sold out of...

  1. the large heart luggage tags :sad: I was going to order one today but they're all gone... booo
  2. awww... they sold out fast.. i cant believe it
  3. that sucks.. hopefully they bring it back.. it's sooo sweet and cute!!
  4. I knew those would go quick. When I bought mine a couple of months ago, only one boutique in the whole Dallas area had it. I drove 25 miles each way to get that thing :lol::love:
  5. what can we say? it's loooooooooove:love:
  6. Of course! It's pink! and a heart!
  7. Uhhh... it was on my wishlist for the hubby to buy me for V-day. Maybe I can still find one at a boutique?????
  8. I swear I just saw some of those at the outlet a few weeks ago for $24.99
  9. :sad: Those were so cute...just wish they had nickel hardware!
  10. Awww what a bummer! I knew I should have ordered it!!
  11. thank goodness i bought mine during PCE. That was my first charm i ever bought. I've never seen these at any of the outlets in vegas or so. cali.
  12. ugh! I HAVE BEEN wanting to get that charm but never did
  13. Ooh, really? I was at my Coach outlet last week, and I didn't see any. I saw mostly the initial charms with nickel hardware (the charms from last year), and lots of the winter keyfobs (snowman, snowflake, etc.).
  14. I wanted one for Valentines :sad: