Sadie's dress on "The Bachelor"?

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  1. Okay, probably I'm like the lone person on this planet who still watches The Bachelor, and it's probably not something I would openly share with others :P However, I caught the finale tonight (it's still going on actually), and one of the finalist's dress (Sadie) is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! Does anyone know what dress that is? It's hard to describe. Anyone know what I'm talkin about?? :drool:
  2. Found it. It's a Notte by Marchesa dress, currently sold out everywhere. Costs over a grand!! It's to die for. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I watched it. I thought he made the wrong choice. I felt he made the wrong choices the whole show. I did like her dress though.
  5. Yeah, me too. I love Sadie. I think she's so sweet. And I genuinely thought he liked her more than he liked Jen. Sad.
  6. Its a stunning dress!! Call Neimans or other stores they might be able to locate it for you!!
  7. Wowww...don't watch the show but that dress is heavenly!
  8. Ooh, the dress looks really pretty!
  9. [​IMG][​IMG]
  10. Can't find a picture of her wearing it from the front, but I think it looks 50 times better than on that model. My jaw dropped when I saw that dress...soooooo gorgeous! He was also :nuts: lol.
  11. It's actually exclusive to Neimans, and unavailable online. The online SA said I should just call NM stores and ask, but so far, none have it. Sad. *tear
  12. I absolutely love that dress!!
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